Thursday, March 26, 2015

Women problems...

Today was another busy day of interviewing and research meetings, all good stuff, lots of great information.

The process at times is taking me out of my comfort zone and even last night I dreamt all night about it. We are following a very different process to develop the app in that we are validating every feature and assumption of the app before we even start building it.

It's a very hard thing to do because it's so easy to just do it and start building and feel like your making tangible progress. The way we are doing it now is interesting as you have a target group of early adaptors that you use to validate your assumptions and there is lots of uncertainty and anxiety and you don't yet know where the app will end up.

The cool part is we have already discovered some things we never would have not following this process and it's definitely going to make the app much more robust and useful than we previously anticipated. With that said it's still a bit of a "white knuckle" ride.

This morning I had discomfort and after all the interviews today I felt much better about our approach and direction. I know it's taking every ounce of my courage to keep on the current path and it's definitely a journey outside of my comfort zone. Yet I know first hand that if you want to grow you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Mid morning I had to head over to my doctors. They called me on Tuesday and said there was some abnormal readings in my blood work and the doctor wanted to see me.

My doctor is a really good dude. He's a young entrepreneurial doctor that is a major over achiever. We get a long really well. Lots of "F-Bombing" as part of our conversations.

So I was expecting nothing major. I figured it was going to be my standard high level blood work for certain readings. To my surprise most of those were in the perfect zone.

What he wanted to see me about was my Thyroid levels, mine is very high. Really? I thought Thyroid problems were for women?

Then he goes on to ask me, "Have you been getting heart palpitations?" Nope. "Have you been loosing weight?" Nope, actually opposite I've gained weight. "Have you had an abundance of energy?". Nope, I fall asleep tired on the couch every night. "Have you felt any muscle weakness?" Nope.

So then he goes on to tell me that if you have an over active Thyroid that some of the side effects is weight loss. When he told me that I felt ripped off. How come I have a overactive Thyroid and I'm not benefiting from the weight loss. I was envisioning how great it would be to eat anything I want and drink beer and be thin.

I'm not going to lie, when he said I had an over active Thyroid I was kind of pumped about it. Then I felt that I got ripped off because I didn't have any of the side effects. And then he realized he better retest me and get an ultra sound done.

The upside was all my other readings were pretty good.

There was a funny moment when at the start of the meeting he asked me if the request for blood work was the one he gave me to get done close to 2 years ago. I said yes. He laughed because he couldn't remember him giving me a request since 2013.

I'm so glad I finally went in to get tested eventually. Perhaps this would not have shown up 2 years ago. Alice kept telling me to go in and get a physical. She must have a sixth sense.

This afternoon I had the best run in a long, long time. By that I mean I was able to keep my heart rate in the zone. Most of my runs have been in the 140 - 150 range. When I'm in good shape it stays in the 140 zone and below. Today I ran mostly in the 128 - 140 bpm zone. It felt great.

When you run completely aerobic it doesn't even feel like you are running. It's effortless. Even my speed was faster than normal. Still slow but faster. That's when the data proves you are getting in better shape. You run faster at a lower heart rate.

I'm really on the fence about tomorrow. We are going to a Three Dog Night concert and if I'm going to have beers it will be tomorrow night. I'm really on the fence. I like the losses I'm having and want them to continue and a road trip with beers could derail it for a bit and eat up some of those gains.

The hypnosis is probably playing a lot on it as well. I'm instructed to only put good stuff into my body. Yet I think beer is good for you, only not sure if in large quantities it's good for you.

Anyways, another great day. Life is good.

Run - 1:01:57 / 10.05 km
198.4 lbs

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