Friday, March 13, 2015

Warming up...

Today is day 13 of my diet and for each of those days I've eaten absolutely perfectly. I have not deviated from the Weight Watchers program and I have not missed a day of hypnosis. I'm on a roll.

Mind you it does seem longer than 13 days. Not that it's been hard, it just seems longer for some reason.

When you think about it 13 days is not very long. It's just under 2 weeks. It's the length of a vacation. When I put the time into perspective I think that I've had some major gains in a relatively short period of time.

First off I'm losing weight. I'm not sure where it will be on Monday my weigh in day but I can say I'm down anywhere between 2 - 3 lbs of real weight, not just water weight. At this pace I'd be down about 18 lbs in 3 months.

Mind you 3 months is way too long to lose 20 lbs. I was hoping 2 months max. My dream would be down to 195 lbs by the end of March.

Training wise I've been going strong as well. In 13 days I've done 11 workout for a total of 11 hours.

I ran today and it was the first time I was able to keep my heart rate under 140 bpm for most of the run. I did have to walk at the end to keep it down but it is a start of seeing some training progress.

For me I had a small window between meetings so jumped out for a short 40 minute run. The weather is finally starting to get a little better. I even traded in my toque to a running cap.

The added length of the day and sunshine has been uplifting as well. It's great to see winter coming to an end and I realized that Spring officially begins March 20th, a week from now.

Last year my goal was to lose weight and get in great shape as we were creating and launching Salmon Social. It didn't happen. In fact the opposite happened. I got out of shape and gained 20 lbs.

To be exact I weighed in on January 12 at 189 lbs and returned from Boise on May 31st at 204.4 lbs. That's a 15 lb weight gain in 4 months. The numbers don't lie, my plan to eat well and train just didn't happen. I think back and I feel that being trapped in that dreary condo and all the roommate drama it felt like I was in prison.

This year it feels different. Just being in my own house in my own neighbourhood being around my family that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Tonight I was watching a documentary on Ultra Runners. These guys that do 100 mile plus runs through the dessert and crazy conditions.

I have no desire to do one of those races. I know I can do one without question. I just have no desire. I see the guys doing it and all I see is guys putting themselves through torture. Not just the torture of the race but the torture of the training.

When I watch them I think I'd rather just be at my goal weight, fit, and sitting at a patio at a nice restaurant sipping on beers on a hot Saturday afternoon. Or out on my deck doing the same. That to me seems so much more enjoyable than doing an Ultra race.

I've said it many times and I mean it. If you do more than one Ironman you have issues you are working through. No joke. For me it took 12 Ironman's for me to work through my issues where I no longer need to do Ironman's to address my demons. I think it would be fair enough to say the same thing for Ultras, again if you do more than one.

One of my demons was staying thin while still being able to party and I used Ironman as my weight loss program. I remember doing many a race and in the toughest parts I would say to myself "there has to be an easier weight loss program".

I'm going to sound like a broken record but I'm really liking Weight Watchers. Tonight I had some wings and pizza. Not a lot. Three wings and I slice. It was great. Didn't feel deprived and stayed within my point allowance for the day.

I've moved my office down to the basement, otherwise known as the Pig & Whistle. And when I say I moved my office that means that I'm bringing my laptop downstairs and working from the bar. I decided to go downstairs to give Alice a break from having me cramp her style.

What I'm loving about being downstairs is I have all the man cave toys and with some of the meetings I've been having lately I just need to be an active listener. The past couple of days earlier I rode my bike. Today I shot some pool and threw some darts. As I was looking outside I was looking at my backyard targets and can hardly wait until it warms up and I can work out side and shoot the pellet guns at the targets I bought last year.

It's basic Silicon Valley in my house. Once I get my pinball machines serviced and working, along with my Kegerator which broke, I'll be back in Nirvana.

Run - 45:00 / 6.96 km

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