Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Good news, not sure news...

Things are going well. Between yesterday and today we have been evolving with the app and believe we have come up with something so different that we may potentially have two potential patents.

This morning I was up, weighed myself and was 198 lbs on the nose. About .4 lbs up after one day of eating solid foods. Today is day two of eating solid foods. Frankly I'm not sure about whether or not I really should have gone back to solid foods.

I'm not one to normally notice changes in diet and such, but I do notice the difference from juicing to eating. There is a physical difference and a mental difference.

Physically I'm feeling much more tired again. Yesterday I near fell asleep on the couch, today I did. Mentally it felt like life was richer on the juice, albeit after the 3rd day. Back on solids I feel a heaviness.

Not to be totally down on solids they do help my training. My heart rate is lower and I feel a little stronger.

Today I ran and the change in eating solids was seen in my time. I ran faster and was able to keep the heart rate lower than normal.

There is one other thing I've noticed and I'm not sure if it's the juicing, the steady training, the mixing up my training with Insanity workouts or what...my legs are feeling much stronger and I'm not shuffling like I normally do. It feels like they are new and stronger feeling than they have been in years.

On today's run it felt effortless. It is such a cool feeling to run for an hour and not even feel it. Reminds me of old times.

As I ran today I noticed my thoughts. They are much different than they were in 2011. Since working from home for the last 4 years I've come to fully appreciate the work from home lifestyle.

If you would have asked me prior to 4 years ago I would have said that having employees work from home would not work. Now I think completely differently since doing it myself and growing a business from 2 of us to well over 100 people all from the comfort of our guest bedroom office and Skype.

This is the second business I'm building from my house and my plan is to never have a head office. I want the company to be virtual. I think the virtual business is the way of the present and future and it not because of corporate cost savings. It's all about lifestyle. If you are a person that is self motivated and can work from a home office it's a lifestyle choice.

I was reading an article and 85% of Cisco's employees work from home and Apple customer service people who you call work from home. Unfortunately it's not my idea to have a virtual company, many are doing it now successfully. 

The ability to not have to commute, to seamlessly integrate your work life with your personal life. An example is to be able to slip out between meetings and go for a run or to the gym. And you save money on water from not having to shower and shave everyday.

Frankly I think I work more now working from home than I ever had. There is no beginning and no end time. There is just time and work and play is interwoven. Technology makes this happen. I love it. I don't miss the days of old. Of voice mails and letters and no email, Internet or pdf's.

I'm of that generation that had one foot in the old and one foot in the new. When I started in sales I had a pager and it was not even an alphanumeric pager. That was high-end. I just had one that buzzed and then I'd have to call the office and the receptionist would give me my message.

Then there was the no voice mail. All the messages were written on a piece of paper and put in my "slot" by the receptionist so when I walked into the office I'd look at them and call the people back.

Everything took more time and it seemed there was much more drama. Everything took longer. It was all phone calls or in person and every phone call had your customary pleasantries. Anytime you had something important you wanted to discuss you set up a meeting or met for lunch.

Ah the lunches. Yes, lots of lunches and if you weren't having lunches with clients you were having lunches with co-workers. I don't ever remember having any scheduled meetings at noon. Between 11:30 - 1:30 was pretty much known as lunch time. It was like that was a booked appointment daily.

We didn't have pdf's or emails and I remember it was all couriers and everything was a drama. Did the courier arrive? When will they be there? It was just constant drama.

Even getting stuff done like going to the DMV or dealing with insurance or anything was a hassle. It was a time where full transparency was not the order of the day. It was a time your customers knew less than you. Unlike now where many customers through the Internet are more researched.

It was a time in business where the order of the day was to "get as much money as possible" from your customers and your best customers were the ones that paid you the most with the least hassle. The good customers with the most amount of work would pay more than the small guy who was a great negotiator and typically a a pain in the ass.

Now it's much different. Technology has changed everything. The Internet came. Then email came. Then cell phones became everyday devises. Then smart phones made everything portable. Then computers became so damn cheap.

I think we get so much more done now with less hassle. Email is great. In fact one of my pet peeves is getting unsolicited phone calls or phone calls when an email will do. With that said, I'm old school in that I always answer my phone if it rings.

I've seen the changes in business attire. I used to wear $1000 suits and $200 ties and now I don't have a suit in my closet from this decade. I think I got my last suit in 2009. I haven't worn a suit in probably 6 or more years. I HAVE only worn blue jeans and Ironman shirts and runners for the last 6 years or more. It feels so much more natural. I can't tell you the last time I've been to a dry cleaner which used to be a weekly occurrence.

The other thing I love is that when you work from home you can work from anywhere. As a CEO I don't care if someone is working from home or from a beach. So long as the work gets done I'm cool. In fact with our company we don't even have a holiday plan. In the old days you would get two or three weeks vacation. In the new world you take what you need, don't take advantage of it and just make sure you get your work done. I stole the idea from Netflix.

What I love about today is it's all about results and not titles. It's a new world order and I love it and I feel sorry for any of those that don't get to do it. I don't miss the office BS and there is always that one or two people that are pains in the ass and a cancer and in this new world order they now don't have that level of influence. Not to mention the constant interruptions just because...you're there.

Instead I get my social interaction on Facebook. I work away. I have one screen open on facebook. When I need a short break I look at postings, send myself out one myself and get back to work.

I love Skype meetings that I just need to be a passive participant. It gives me an hour or so to ride my bike as I listen in, or I shoot some pool, or in the summer I sit outside on the deck in the sun and listen in, or work from there. 

There is no doubt in my mind that I will never work at an office again.

The other thing I decided I'm not going to do again is go to any day long conferences or training sessions. I can no longer do it. I did one recently and it almost killed me. It's like sitting in class as a student in school. It's so slow and boring.

Instead I like quick hits. If I need to know something I want to google it and read about it. Or I'll check out video's on You Tube and if they are boring I stop them and find better stuff. Or I figure it out on the go in talking with those I work with or friends or mentors about it. It's about doing everything in real time.

Lastly what I like now over before is everything is quick. As the business grows and you need to have meetings a long one is an hour and most are 15 minutes with no pleasantries. I love the no pleasantries. Let's just get down to it. Deal with the task at hand and move on and let's get going and lets do it all on the phone.

So I'm one of those old school guys that is really a new school guy in an old school guys body. With all that said I'm so grateful that I was around and did the old school stuff. Most all of my good stories are from old school antics. You have to remember it was a time with lots of lunches and dinners, no seat belts, driving and talking on a cell phone was fine, travelling with no GPS and a big map spread out in the car as you drove in a new city, and lots of work boozing with co-workers and customers.

I talk to some young people now and they tell me that they wish they were around during those times. I had one thinking that having people call you and leave and get voicemail would be so cool. Are you kidding me?

Anyways, that's my rant. Now back to my current reality.

Today I learned a very important lesson. DO NOT drink more than 1 ounce of pure beat juice. I drank about 7 ounces and within minutes after my stomach hurt, I had to head to the bathroom, I though I was going to throw up and started sweating. It was worst than any bonk I've ever had after an Ironman.

Alice did a quick google search and read that there is side effects and that it's very powerful and you shouldn't have more than one ounce in the first week and then up an ounce the next week.

Live and learn. The hard way.

I got a bit of a disturbing phone call. It was my doctors office. The doctor wants to see me to go over some of my blood work results. Of course they say it's not urgent but then I'm thinking I just had the blood work done yesterday and they are calling today. So I set up a meeting as soon as I could, on Thursday.

My feeling is if the reading are way off then they must be off. After a week of fasting, a near month of eating perfectly and having no beer I would have thought all my numbers would be good. Who knows maybe my high fat diet was an issue or maybe it's just cholesterol. Either way I sure wish that the medical system could operate like the business world and just email me the results.

Looking forward to the rest of the week. Got some major great things going on with the app and it's a bit of a ride with twists and turns daily. In a good way.

Run - 1:01:33 / 10.05 km
198 lbs

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