Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No beer...

Today was day 11 of my weight loss journey. I have been absolutely PERFECT in eating healthy according to weight watchers. They give me 40 points per day and I have not yet exceeded them, even though I'm allowed to as they give me bonus points and exercise points.

I'm a man on a mission. Hypnosis every morning and weight watchers is my guide. Even now after 11 day I have a tough time using the word Weight Watchers, I feel like such a girl. But at the end of the day I don't care. Weight Watchers works for me. There is none of the strict foods you can only eat. I can eat anything I want so long as I keep my point total under 40.

Make no mistake the hypnosis is working for me too. There is no doubt the mind is what guides the body and when the mind is ready the body is able. The daily hypnosis tapes are a great way to start the day with reinforcement. I'm actually looking forward to them. It's a great way to start your day with positive reinforcement.

I had a meeting at 11 am. It was one of those meetings that I was more listening into rather than participating in. It wasn't a meeting I was looking forward to because of that.

Suddenly about 4 minutes before the meeting was to begin on Skype I got the idea to ride my bike. It was the perfect situation that I could listen in and multi-task and riding the bike was a perfect workout for that.

So I rushed upstairs, quickly changed and was on the my bike and listening into the call which lasted 55 minutes. It was a perfect workout situation. It was actually better than perfect as the 55 minutes went by faster than even if I was watching TV or a movie. It was great. There is no greater feeling than finishing a call and finishing your workout. It kind of feels like you aren't even working.

After the call I had an open 1 hour break in the action until my next meeting. Again, I think it's the hypnosis driving me and next thing I know I felt a strong urge to go to the gym for a quick weights workout.

There was something just internally driving me to get to the gym. I visualized how a short period in the gym weightlifting carries your fat burning all day and beyond. It's a little effort for a long lasting effect.

I also felt ready from a physical standpoint. Today I woke up with no calf soreness and leg soreness from the Insanity workout I did on Sunday. That workout beat me up. Rather than just pushing through it I realized that so long as I'm sore I'm still receiving benefit and no need to pile on the exercise. When you do it's just a case of diminishing returns. It's better to wait and in that time your motivation gets higher as your risk of burnout is lower.

As I've gotten older and wiser I find myself listening to my body more. I think not having a race to prepare for also allows me to not be so regimented in forcing myself to train regardless of how my body feels.

The weight lifting for some reason is giving me a great workout. The last session really kicked my ass hard, this one still kicked me a bit, not as hard but hard enough that I felt I got a lot of benefit as I was walking out the door. All my muscles were pumped up. I also like going at around 1 pm, hardly anyone in the gym.

This afternoon was probably on of the best brainstorming meetings of my life. Me and my partner started off the session with nothing and as we talked some concepts came up that never in a million years would I have thought the conversation and ideas would have went. Much of it was based on a framework we are using to develop our app by a very well known and experienced gaming person.

It took about two hours and by the end my brain was actually a little sore. I was done. Which is a great sign. I think a big part of it too is that I'm training and the creative juices are flowing. Not to mention my emotional stability has pretty much flat lined now that I know we are financed and it's no longer a worry.

After our meeting it was off to Toronto for another meeting. A dinner meeting at a casual pub type restaurant. This would me my first venture to a restaurant since starting the diet 11 days ago.

When I got there is was one of those places that looks like they had great burgers and fries and a lot of different beers on tap.

In the past year when I walk into places like that my first reaction is "beer me" and my second reaction is "I'll take the hamburger and fries, gravy on the fries please".

So the waitress comes to the table and asks what we want to drink, immediately I say "water". She did a double take, I caught her off guard, I guess very few come into the bar area and ask for water. I didn't ask for diet coke or sparkling water, I just wanted a water. Then she regained her composure and said, "no problem sounds good".

I've even been off the diet cokes since starting this diet which is amazing. I'm normally a huge diet coke drinking. I have upped my coffee intake however. I'm loving my coffee. I've learnt that coffee takes so much better with half and half as well. Just plain milk doesn't cut it for me any more.

Food wise I order a sushi salad. In the past it would have been chicken. I always felt I wasn't getting real food when I ordered sea food. This time I felt a natural inclination to go for the seafood.

No desire for beer and just wanting the salad and enjoying the salad fully. Weird sensation. A first. And I repeat NO desire for beer. Has to be the hypnosis.

So far I don't think I've had one day that I felt like cheating. If anything my body tends to be craving healthy foods more. I'm not watching carbs or counting calories. I'm just eating normally and I feel the chewing of the food and fully tasting slowly what I'm eating has been the most powerful method to keep my meals smaller yet not feel I'm depriving myself.

Another day, another win.

Bike - 55 minutes / 26 km
Weights 45 minutes.

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