Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Riding the line...

Day 2 of my juicing fast and was pretty excited about doing my morning weigh in.

It's kind of an immediate reward to see the weight down and makes the personal sacrifice and discipline required worth while. Today I was done another 1 lbs. That means in 2 days juicing I'm done 2.6 lbs.

Best part is I'm on the edge of dropping under 200 lbs. As of this mornings weigh in I'm 200.4 lbs.

For the two weeks prior I followed the weight watchers plan religiously and lost about 3 - 4 lbs. I didn't go over my allowance and I trained. I really worked hard to get those pounds off. Some days the weight would go up, other days it would go down.

To see a 2.6 lb weight loss in only 2 days is just an awesome feeling. I know it's not sustainable. I know it's probably water weight and I've read that it's common to gain a couple pounds back when you start eating solid foods.

Regardless, I'm happy and my plan is to use this as a kick start and in 7 - 10 days I'll get back to regular food following weight watchers.  I plan on following weight watchers even after my goal is hit, just to maintain. I really like the weight watchers point system.

My fear is losing muscle during this juicing period. I've supplemented the juicing with whey protein and I want to keep up my weight training. Mid-morning I slipped away to the gym and did a killer workout.

Before going I took some C4 supplement which I find jacks you up and for some reason I can do more weight. My plan today was to push the weight hard. In all cases I increased the weight a minimum of 10 % and most of the time it was up to 30% more weight.

Right off the bat I knew I was working out. I do two sets of 12 reps and do super circuits. One set of upper body, then lower body and then back to upper body. I do no recovery. Actually my upper body recovery is when I'm doing lower body. It's a very efficient way to get a 90 minute weight training session done in 45 minutes.

By the 6th rep on most all sets I was hurting. I forced myself and was grunting and groaning for those last 6 reps. I had my headphones on listening to music and I'm sure it was super load. I know some gyms don't allow grunting. I rarely hear it in our gym. As a kid I went to the YMCA where the serious body builders went and all you heard was them grunting out their sets.

The only time that was a little scary and hard was doing lunges. I do it at the squat rack and after the 1st set I felt light headed and my heart was racing. I actually had to sit down. That was a first. Then I did the second set and same thing, I had to sit down.

It was a tough session and very gratifying. The weight was higher than normal and I felt sore afterwards. It's still not as much as I was doing 6 months ago, but I'm getting there. At my age weight training is probably one of the most important things I can do. The older you get the quicker you lose muscle.

Again this morning my back was tight. I'm not sure if it's from stress or being at that 200 lb which is the point my back normally gets sore. If I get a few pounds lower or higher it's okay.

There is always work stress. It's less and controlled now but I know what I do now in the planning is going to have a big effect on our future. We are currently showing key features of our app to qualified early adopters and getting feedback. Very valuable process. Tomorrow and Friday is lined up with about 10 more. 

Juicing is tough, at least today it is. I had a lot of hunger pangs today. They say day 2 to day 4 is the toughest. It is. The tough part of juicing is the cleaning up. It's kind of a hassle and it really makes you question if you need juice right now or could wait.

To switch it up tonight I had some consume soup. I read that some people that do juicing also do bullion soup. So I had some. It was so tasty. Amazing something like soup would be such a treat. 

I find myself going to the washroom and pee ever 45 minutes to hour. It started a little yesterday, today it's in full swing. It's a good sign. Every time in the past that I've lost weight I've peed a lot. I often think that it's a way that my fat is exiting my body. I don't think that's true, I think I read it comes out of your pores and breathing, but I've convinced myself it's dispelled through pee.

Tonight I was thinking of doing an Insanity workout. I didn't. I was still super sore from today's weight training and didn't want to over do it. After today's session my hips were sore. Yes, my hips. Never had that before.

Aside from being at the sub 200 lb level, my pants are getting a little loose. I had to start wearing a belt again and at one point was able to get to my regular loop. It was a little tight and I let it out a loop, but it was close. It won't take long to get to that loop if things keep up.

Weights - 45 min
200.4 lbs.

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