Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Winning is all about losing...

Today was the official weigh in for my weight loss challenge. To win I needed to be under 198 lbs by end of March. I did it. I weighed in at 196.6 lbs, and I didn't have to sweat anything out or nothing. It was my morning weight.

I made sure I video taped it just to show I wasn't lying as there was $200 on the line if I win and me not having to pay out $600 if I lost the bet. I had a straight up $200 bet with Peter and a double or nothing bet with Rodney which could have cost me $400.

Looking back at the results for the month on both the weight loss and the training and I'm proud. Also, it was not easy. There is a lot of sacrifice and discipline required. I dropped just under 10 lbs in 31 days and I trained for 27 days (30 workouts) out of 31 for a total of 27 hours.

There is even one bit of misleading data. Even though it's a 10 lbs weight loss it's probably more in that I lost fat and gained muscle. There is no doubt my stomach has gotten smaller, Alice confirmed that today when I asked her if she noticed a difference.

I still have a long way to go and it's tough. I sacrificed and pushed myself all March to lose 10 lbs and I have another 16 lbs to go to get down to my 2009 weight of 180's and if I really want to be aggressive I want need to get down about 26 more pounds to get down to my all time low weight of 2008.

At that time I was 180 lbs before going in for my tonsils to be removed and when I got home I couldn't eat for 1 week and in those 7 days I dropped 10 lbs and came in at 170 lbs. I surprised myself that I was able to hold it around 175 - 178 for the longest time.

So when I think about how much hard work it took for me to lose just 10 lbs in 31 days I recognize how hard it will be to lose another 10 lbs. And I can't forget that about 5 of those pounds was over a 6 day period when I juiced. On the plus side I did have 2 days of drinking beer and eating way more than my weight watchers diet says I should.

Either way I'm going to take the win. I can definitely tell I've lost weight and from my all time high of 210.4 lbs in February I'm down about 14 lbs, which is pretty respectable. Thinking back to February I was a pretty unhappy person and felt pretty crappy being that weight. Not to mention I was busting out of my pants and all my medium shirts were pretty tight and all my Ironman tattoos were stretching.

Today I didn't feel like running or biking and I swam and did weights yesterday. So instead I decided to do an Insanity workout. I thinking I dislike doing those workouts more than swimming. Why I dislike them is I know they are going to be hard and hurt. Although the feeling of accomplishment and self gratification is super high after finishing an Insanity workout.

I haven't been doing the workouts daily. I've been fitting them in as I feel the urge. I much prefer it that way.

After today I might start doing them more regularly. I definitely noticed a difference. I'm getting stronger and I'm looking thinner in the mirror from the first time I did one. I was looking at my notes from March 1st when I did my first one and I was 206 lbs and I remember looking in the mirror as I was working out and couldn't believe how far my body had come from that once Ironman physique to a Rolley Polley body.

Not only did I notice the difference in my physical strength, I noticed a difference in my body shape. I'm definitely trimming out and the next 10 lb weight loss is going to cause a major physical transformation. Even the next 6 lbs will make a big difference in losing my stomach.

In one way I'm looking thinner at the top and bottom. My legs are really thinning out and that is making my stomach look bigger. The stomach is always the last to go and I have about 5 more inches I need to lose according to my old records of body measurement.

I took a picture after my Insanity workout. Yes, I look fat but it's not as bad as the picture. The very tight shirt and the way the sweat dripped down the shirt makes it optically looks about 10% worse than it really is. 

So basically this is a bitter sweet moment. It's sweet because I lost 10 lbs and had I not I wouldn't feel as good and mentally positive as I do today, and it's bitter because I still have a long way's to go, I'm not even halfway there. There is this part of me that wants to juice again to accelerate the results.

I may do that but I'm waiting to see how my juicing during the day and eating a regular meal at night flushes out.

Right now I'm also super motivated to get all my accounting stuff done. I typically leave it for 5 - 6 weeks and then spend a day or so organizing it all and getting it back to ground zero until the next 5 or 6 weeks and repeat.

I've mentioned it before and it's worth repeating. Not being employed or getting a pay check for 6 months makes you re-evaluate everything you know about money. I used to make decent money and spend decent money. For close to 30 years I never went without a regular paycheck. When that money ends up not coming in it really changes the way you look at things. I no longer take money for granted.

Tonight as I was working on expenses I decided to look at all the credit card statements. Normally I don't and Alice just pays them. It was an eye opener. I found charges that I didn't realize we should be getting charged. They weren't huge but $50 here and $50 there adds up quick. Not to mention we got this bill for an additional $117 for Internet usage and I called to get that moved down and get an unlimited plan.

I was in the mode to look under every rock to see if money was going out. I even called in a credit card to say it was stolen. I'm going to do it with them all. The reason is they suggest you do that so that people don't just automatically renew and charge you. I caught a couple of those today as well.

I'm proof that it's never to late to learn. In the beginning it was a little weird not having money coming in and cutting into savings and then it becomes scary and hits the ego as well. I didn't realize how important to me mentally it is to bring home money to feel like I'm contributing. I've spoken to other guys my age and they felt the same way in similar circumstance.

Regardless it's all good. I've learned many lessons this year and I have and continue to take them head on, it's all about not quitting or giving up and trying to learn from it and grow from it. I find I'm probably doing more personal growth now at my age than I did when I was younger. It's not something someone would expect. I didn't. Mind you it's great knowing that you are not yet set in your ways either.

Tomorrow is another big day. It's April 1st and you always want to get a workout in on the first of the month to start the month off right. It's also the day I go in to the doctors to get an ultra sound done on my thyroid to see if it's in fact hyper and needs to be treated. It's also the day I hope to finish off accounting, some legal agreements and work more on the app. We are getting into the prototype and branding stages, very cool stuff.

So I'd say that March was a pretty good month. Last year my March was in Boise away from family and it was a little dark and instead of training and losing weight I was not training and gaining weight and the highs were high and the lows were annoying.

It's amazing the difference a year makes. Heck, it's amazing the difference a month makes.

Insanity Workout - 42 minutes
196.6 lbs.

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