Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm dreaming about my boobs growing...

So last night all I could dream about is that I have boobs. I know that it's because the doctor told me I had a hyper thyroid last week and when I looked into the side effects online it said that men could start getting boobs.

The freaky thing is I noticed I had some boobies happening when I was close to 210 lbs but figured it was just fat. I'm down about 13 pounds now and the big test is when I get down another 7 or 8 pounds. I know for certain in the past that at 190 lbs I don't have boobs.

It's pretty freaky thinking you might have boobs as a man and I'm sure I don't but it's definitely freaky. Of course the side effects also mentions that you will lose weight but no, I don't get that one. That one would be an awesome one to get.

I'm surprised I didn't dream about the pain in my mouth. Last night I decided to whiten my teeth. I just received some teeth whitener at 35% peroxide that I ordered from Amazon. I went with the strongest because I don't want to sleep with the 10% version. I've used the 10% version in the past and it worked really well.

Right off the bat I knew I might be in trouble. I didn't read the instructions and put way to much gel in the trays. Afterwards I read the instructions and I was to only use 1/3 to 1/2 of the syringe. Instead I used the entire syringe.

The minute I put the trays in my mouth I could feel a extreme burning sensation on my gums. It was unbearable. So immediately after feeling it I decided to do nothing. Rather than stopping, taking the trays out knowing that I put way to much gel in I just left it in.

I read the instructions and it said keep them in for 30 minutes. I figured I just needed to hang on for 30 minutes. It wasn't easy, but when 30 minutes came it didn't feel that bad, so I decided to keep them in for another 30 minutes. I figured it would whiten them faster.

Then I took them off after 1 hour. I looked at my teeth and to my horror my upper gums were completely white. It was like it bleached my gums. It was damn scary. There was nothing I could do except hope my gums would turn back to red by the morning.

This morning I looked in the mirror and it was good news bad news. My gums were no longer white, instead they were read and looked like they had been burnt from the peroxide. When I brushed them today it was the biggest mistake the pain was incredible. It hurt like hell and my gums started to bleed.

Of course I was hoping my teeth were a little whiter for all the pain and suffering. Can really notice.

The scary part is I was told after I ordered the gel from a buddy that I have to be careful. That much of the cheap stuff on amazon is knock off stuff and it may be hazardous. Of course not to be deterred I'll wait until my gums heal and go in for another treatment with less gel and for only the 30 minute prescribed time frame.

Some good news was I weighed in at 197.4 lbs today. I lost over 2 lbs of weight in my sleep. Last night I felt my body burning up and was glad. It means that my weekend of beers and a eating a little bit more food than normal equalized itself out.

Training wise I had a double workout today. I decided to change up my weight training routine and push some heavy weight. The plan was to load up as much weight as I could and only do 4 reps. It's not as easy as it sounds. More often than not I picked a weight that I could do 6 - 10 reps. I did push some heavy weight though. All a good thing.

I woke up with a really stiff back today. I figured the weight lifting would help. It did but not much. After doing my weight training session I decided to do a swim to see if that would help. It did. Loosened it up a lot more.

Definitely a tight back is a sign of stress. At least it is for me. I kind of knew was was causing it. A loose end I need to tie up. Turns out by the end of the day it was tied up and almost immediately it felt better.

There is no doubt in my mind that a sore lower back is primarily mentally induced for most people. I remember watching a TV show were a Dr Sarno who has been treating people with back pain explained that stress or things not going right in ones life causes back pain which is a symptom. And if you address the issue the back pain will go away. I 100% believe this and since being aware of that theory I take it into account and focus on the problem or what is going wrong in my life and address it head on. 

Food wise I've been a very good boy. I'm doing the fruit during the day and a balance dinner. I'm very seriously considering going back to a full juice fast to drop another 5 pounds in one week. There is something so motivating about losing weight rapidly. The next 5 - 7 lbs is going to be the most noticeable for me.

I still have a long way to go. I plan on getting down to 175 lbs. That's another 22 lbs. I told Alice I'll look completely different when that happens. I was done there in 2008 and those days are coming back. I can't remember the last time I've been so focused to lose weight.

Hopefully the weight loss will mean that I won't be growing boobs.

Weights - 40 minutes
Swim - 24:45 / 1100 meters
197.4 lbs

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