Sunday, March 15, 2015

To juice or not to juice...

So last night I watched the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" on Netflix. It's about the benefits of juicing and it follows the journey of two guys, one who loses near 100 lbs in 60 days and another than lost over 200 lbs in 10 months.

Each of these guys basically juiced the entire time. No solid foods, just juicing fruits and vegetables. By the end of the documentary both guys had major physical transformations.

It was so good that it got me thinking that maybe I should do a juice diet.


Truth be told it's just that I want to rush the weight loss and I want to make sure I'm down under 198 lbs by March 30th or I lose $600. Wouldn't it be great to be down to where I want to be in less than 30 days. The program I'm on is the slow way but sure way.

This morning I woke up on the fence. Should I do it or not?

I play what it might look like in my mind. Of course I'd lose weight quick and then I think back to that time I went on a water fast diet for 7 days. It was hell. Total deprivation. It's the kind of deprivation that hurts. It's like doing an Ironman, at points you just want to quit and you wonder why you are putting yourself through the pain and suffering.

So instead of deciding I listen to my hypnosis tape thinking it will guide me. Nope, not really, it talks about just eating good, healthy foods.

Next thing I think about is the cost of buying a juicer. It's not like I really want to spend the money. Then I found one for $71 that had a good online review. Then I started reading that it's expensive to buy all the vegetables, one said it's about $28 per day.

I kept thinking about it and then envisioned myself having to juice daily and the preparation and cleaning of the machine.

The one thing I know on these types of fat that you think about 24/7 is one thing, food. The only thing even keeping me even thinking about it was the rapid weight loss.

Then I start thinking about my current progress on Weight Watchers. It's been slow, steady and I have not felt deprived. It feels like I'm eating very balanced and even my daily life feels more balanced. Most of all I don't feel like I'm sacrificing in anyway.

To put it in perspective on this current diet, which is really much more than that, it's a guide to proper portion control and allows you to eat any food I ate Pizza last night. Yes pizza, and it was awesome. I also had a couple of chicken wings.

Best part was it was in a controlled fashion, it was within my daily points allowance AND I even woke up this morning and weighed in at 202.8 lbs, a .2 lb loss.

So when I think of doing juicing I keep thinking about screwing up a good thing that I have going right now. It's working and I don't feel I'm depriving myself at all. I also like that I'm getting real food and that it helps gives me the energy I need to train and recover.

Hence my hesitation to change my plans. Now where do I go from here? Do I juice or don't I?

Before I decided I went for a nice Sunday run. It's starting to warm up, the snow is melting and the puddles on the sidewalks are getting smaller and fewer.

It was a good run and slower than I have been used to in years past, much slower. To put it in perspective at the top of my game I could run 5 minutes per km at a 135 bpm heart rate, today it was 6:22 per km barely keeping it under 140 bpm.

Although it's an improvement. Before my run I noticed my sitting heart rate was 46 bpm. Not bad. My standing is still high, but getting into the high 60's. My running heart rate is getting better on the run everyday. Today I only had to walk about 5 or so times at various points to keep it under 140 bpm.

There is something about running that I just love. It's something that I truly enjoy. I think it's because it puts me into some sort of hypnotic state, perhaps its the endorphins and definitely listening to my favourite 70's music is great. I even have one main route I run that I never get bored of.

As I was running I was thinking I definitely need to remember to stretch every time I finish my runs. It's injury prevention at it's finest. I don't think I've had a running injury in 5 or more years. Prior to my stretching routine I had IT band issues and planters fasciitis and calf issues at various points.

There is also something about stretching that is very spiritual. The feeling of muscles stretching to where there is a dull level of pain and breathing through it is a cool feeling.

When I got home I started talking to the kids and told them I was thinking about going on a juice diet. Both Reid and Alyssa think I'm crazy. Basically the feeling they had was there is no short cuts and it seems like a fad type diet and those type of diets are never good. Their opinion is to just eat good healthy food.

It was also evident that I needed food after my run. I was starving. All I had in the morning was some grapefruit and kiwi and it wasn't enough.

It helped me make my decision. I decided that if I'm going to get into juicing I should walk before I run. I should try juicing as a snack and see how I like it first. I don't even know if it's going to taste good or not.

I'm also hanging on to the idea that even on my current diet I'll get down another 5 lbs before the end of the month, over the next 15 days. The only thing that could derail it is that we are going to a Three Dog Night concert on March 27th and I may have beer and I can't afford to have that derail things. That's why a week long fast and an accelerated 5 - 10 lb loss would give me an insurance policy.

Here's my hope at this point. The first 15 days of this diet I'm down about 3 lbs so far, which doesn't seem like much until I put it in perspective that I have also gained muscle. I've trained over 12 hours in the past 15 days including 4 weight training sessions. If I was to guess the true loss I would think it's closer to 5 lbs.

Who knows I may change my mind tomorrow or sometime this week on the idea to juice. I can't express how much I want to get into the 190's badly.

Run - 1:12:25 / 11.19 km
202.8 lbs.

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