Saturday, March 21, 2015

Juicing and bonking...

I woke up this morning. Weighed myself and was down another pound. I was 198 lbs on the nose. That means I win my $200 bet with Peter and I don't owe Rodney $400 based on our double or nothing bet.

Now I will give the guys there due, lets see if I way the same tomorrow. The key is I'm to be 198 lbs or less by the end of the month and it's only March 21st. I have 10 more days to keep it off and lose more.

The juicing has really given me a kick start. 6 days ago I was 203 lbs and today I'm 198 lbs. A 5 lb loss in 6 days.

I've been pretty strict on the plan, other than some popcorn the last couple nights and a protein shake with banana and frozen strawberries and blueberries after a training session.  Oh, and coffee everyday, many times per day.

My routine today was just as it's been for the last 21 days. I wake up, weigh myself, listen to my weight loss hypnosis tape and get a coffee, with coconut oil in it.

I'm actually afraid to not listen to my hypnosis every morning. I was really wanting to skip out today's early morning 30 minute session and didn't. I need all the help I could get. The results are I also stay focused on training.

This month out of 21 days I've training 19 of them. Today would be no different. I actually was looking forward to training and had it in the back of my mind I was going to do a long run. I haven't done a long run in a long while.

The minute I got out the door I knew I was going long. My current long is about 15 km, or close to 1 hour and forty minutes based on my super slow pace.

At my normal turnaround point I kept going. Time was flying I must have been deep in thought. It stayed that way for the first 10 km and then I came back to earth and things slowed down for the next 5 km.

Those 5 km were painful. My heart rate was through the roof. It was near 160 bpm for the last half of the run. Normally I'm 140 bpm or less. Withing the first 5 km I was hungry. All I had for breakfast was a glass of fresh orange juice.

There was a number of times I stopped to walk during the last 3 km. Even walking didn't bring the heart rate down. My lack of energy was definitely do to the juicing. I know what the right food and diet are for me based on my running heart rates. If I want to keep it lower I need to have a nice blend of carbs, protein and fat and carbs are most important.

You can tell me all about the different diets. Just eating normally for me gives me the best performance results.

When I got home it didn't get better.

First thing I did was weigh myself. I was down 4 lbs of water weight. I should have got food right away, I didn't. I showered instead. Then when I was done I had my protein shake with a banana and frozen fruit.

About 30 minutes later I had a major bonk. If you don't know what a bonk is it's when your blood sugar gets low and you get major headaches and feel like passing out, you need to bend over. I'm sure my blood pressure was probably low too. The only thing that cures the bonk is getting some carbs in you.

For me, those carbs were a glass of fresh orange juice. It did the trick. About 20 minutes later I was feel much better. At least good enough that I could do some thinking work for work for a couple hours.

I'm getting close to getting back on solid foods. I think I'm only another day away of fruit and vegetables away from finishing them all off. My plan is once I get rid of the fruit and vegetables I'm off. Actually I might do a combination of fruit for breakfast and lunch and eat a regular dinner.

Much of my day I spent time looking at all my old statistics of training mileage and weight since 2007 lbs. It was really interesting looking back. For near 2 years in 2008 - 2009 I was around 178 - 183 lbs.

During all that time I had some pretty insane numbers for number of beer I had per month during that time too. I kept track of my beer consumption too. A small month would be about 50 beers and a big month would be just over 200 beers.

I also looked back at my training mileage. It was a huge amount of mileage. I definitely deserved to get to Kona. I trained a lot. From May 2007 - March 2015 I've done close to 70,000 km of swim, bike and running. To put that in perspective, the earth is only 40,000 km around, I'm near finished my second loop. I just have 10,000 km to go before I start my 3rd lap.

Keeping track of my stats is very eye opening. I went through every month and every year. I made notes of what key things I did that day and how I felt as well as mileage and beer consumption. To my amazement it didn't take that long to read through all the posts.

It was freaky. It really hit me how years is really not that long of a period. Just by reading the update I time travelled back to those days. It was amazing how those days came back to me and it felt like yesterday.

I got through it all and thought I was missing something. It blew my mind that I just went through near 7 years of data and it didn't take as long as I thought.

There was some posts that has some pretty insane mileage. Especially during the cold months. My record was near 80 hours of training in one month, and there was a number of month near 80 hours. There was not one month that I haven't got training miles. Not one. I think the lowest month I had was 5 hours.

It was really cool looking back. It's amazing how if I relied on memory my memories would have been much different. Having the written stats is so awesome. They don't lie. They are what they are.

In some ways it was pretty inspiring. I now know what weight is the perfect weight for me and I realized the perfect level of training for me is about 30 - 40 hours per month. The perfect amount to stay fit and be somewhat competitive at Ironman 70.3's.

Looking back that my 70.3 training my longest rides were about 3.5 hours. That's not a crazy amount of hours on a weekend. Hell people that golf need at least 4 hours to complete a round plus drive time. Longest run was around 2 hours. That mileage is perfect mileage for a weekend.

Even though I have no races planned and have no desire to do any races, I love training. There is something about putting in the training hours that is the fun part. I think maybe it's because it's such a big deal to race. You need to travel, pay and get up way to early. I like sleeping in and then deciding to train when I feel like. Sometimes early in the morning, sometimes later in the day.

The other part of my day is facebook and twitter. Yes twitter. I used to be on it all the time. Meet many of my good friends and current facebook friends on twitter. I find twitter much different than when I left it. When I was on it it was about relationships, people talking and interacting. Now it seems to be one long stream of news feeds.

To meet Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a great way to take a break in the action. Send something up. Have some laughs from responses and then get back at what ever I was doing prior.

Tonight was again a really tough time to keep on the juice. I broke and had some popcorn and coffee. I'm curious how much I'll way tomorrow am and if the crazy bonking run is causing my body to retain water to heal itself.

There is this weird thing in my mind that I may want to keep up the fasting because I'm liking the immediate results. On weight watchers I was getting about 1 lbs per week. On juice fasting I'm getting 1 lbs per day. Every day is like fast forwarding one week of normal dieting.

So far I'm pretty good at staying the course. The toughest time to keep it up is from about 7/8 pm until bed time. It's hard.

Long Run - 1:37:33 / 15.10 km
198 lbs


  1. Congrats on winning the $200! It is interesting how different diets work for different people, I am the same way - I don't think think I could survive long on the juicing just because my workouts would suffer. So much weight loss! Great job!

  2. Thanks K. It's been really tough, yet at the same time I woke up today at 196.8 lbs and am really loving the results. 16.8 more lbs to go!