Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My head hurts....

Now knowing me when my post reads "my head hurts" most, including myself, would think it has to with having one to many. We'll it doesn't.

There is only two things that can give me a sore head, one is over consuming beer and the other is accounting stuff.

As you can tell, I normally blog daily and for the past two days there has been radio silence. Why? Well because I've been working on my paperwork. With the new business and wrapping up my old company there has been lots of paperwork.

Trouble is two fold. First I'm a perfectionist and when it comes to numbers I want everything to be perfect. Number two is I really dislike the mundane sort of work. It's not in my character to deal with routine stuff. I like creating and making decisions, that's my being. That's where I feel most comfortable.

I really have a respect for people that can deal with numbers all day, day in and day out. It would drive me crazy. Mind you those same people who tend to like doing that are not the ones that like to do what I do. That's what makes building a team so awesome, it's finding the right people for the right roles. I've at least got everything to the point that I can now hand it over to the right person for that role.

Hence my head hurts.

I essentially spent 2 days doing nothing but accounting type work and when I start I need to finish it. I'm a man on a mission just to get it all done and be done with it.

For me being up to date with my business and personal accounting and taxes and such is a high priority. I know a lot of personal friends and family members that avoid staying up to date with their accounting, expenses and taxes and I don't know how they can live like that.

I think back 30 years when I was just 19 years old and Alice and I had our own lawn care business. We had 13 people working at one point. We were completely unorganized and didn't keep financial records. We kept the checks and invoices and a box of receipts and then at the end of the year we would take the box to our accountant who would spend a couple months trying to organize it all and make sense of it.

What I remember most about those times was I always felt behind and that there was this looming stuff hanging over my head. We'd get letters from the government for taxes and we wouldn't respond, you get more and then phone calls and then when you did get it all done it seemed there was no break until you were behind again and it started all over again.

I hated it. I never felt free.

That' all changed about 27 years ago and I've never looked back. I got into a real business with real bookkeepers and real in-house accounting and started doing monthly reporting and always having everything in order. It was freeing.

As a matter of fact I fast forward to now and I don't even think about accounting or taxes. Other than when I have to do expenses or file for yearly taxes and that's usually only a brief period of time and when it's done I never have to think about year end or filing for, well, another year.

It's very liberating having all your accounting and filings done. I really don't know how people don't make that a number one priority. The reality is it is never going to go away until you deal with it and it only gets worse if you done. So you may as well do it sooner than later.

I didn't train Sunday. Intentionally. I've been training near every day for close to 6 weeks. My body needed a break. Monday I was just too into working and frankly feeling very physically burnt out. Definitely the training without a break was taking a toll on me.

Today I woke up and realized I had missed two days of training and I need to train today or risk losing muscle.

The rub was I got caught up in meetings and doing my accounting stuff. When I got my head into numbers the last thing I'm going to do is train until I'm completely done. Plus I have so much other stuff coming up with the business that is super important and I don't want any distractions, like dealing with accounting.

I was a man on a mission to get all that stuff done today and by 8 pm I was finally done and my head was spinning.

It was now dark out and I had a choice, do nothing and train tomorrow or go out and train and know it will clear your head.

Even though it was dark and late out, I left the house at 9 pm and went for a run.

It was just what the doctor ordered. As I knew it would it took me from work and my head full to relaxation and hitting the reset button. I also knew that if I didn't train as much as I had a great work day I wouldn't think I had a good day because I missed training.

I was also worried about my weight. On Monday I do my weekly weight watchers check in and I was 196 lbs. I lost 1 pound from previous week. Not bad considering the night before we had a big Easter dinner.

Then today I weight myself after two days of not training and I'm down to 194.8 lbs. It was the first time I've gotten to the 194's in a long long time. I was wondering why it dropped so much. Was it the food finally gone from Sunday? Was it the two days off of training and less water retention to repair muscle? Was it me losing muscle after just two days of not training?

Regardless it felt great to see a 194 on the scale.

For the first time it's starting to feel real that I'm losing weight. Even though my high in February was 210 lbs. I think about 4 lbs of that was retaining water that day. My real weight was probably 206 - 207 lbs. So if I assume it was 206 lbs, which I know for certain I was at, I'm now sitting at about a 12 lbs weight loss.

That's not bad. That's real weight. That's so far a respectable weight loss that is not just water loss but fat loss. For the first time I feel like I'm accomplishing something.

Best part is I haven't had to go back on to full juicing. My routine is juicing in morning, air popped popcorn with coconut oil for afternoon snack, if I train I have a protein smoothie and then I have a regular dinner and it seems to be working well now.

The other great feeling is I'm not yet ready to give up. I feel I'm on a roll and I'm mentally strong and the both the body and mind are able and I don't want to derail my losses. I want to keep the weight loss train going. I know that if I lose just 10 lbs a month, by end of April I'll be into the 180's and if I can get into the 185's it will be the first time in near 5 years.

I'm oh so close and don't want to mess it up and frankly it's not even a consideration. I know it's going to happen. I can feel it in my soul.

Before going to bed I weighed in at 196.6 lbs. Will be interesting to see what it looks like tomorrow morning. It would be great to be in the 194's for a second day in a row.

Oh finally on a good financial note it seems like I'm having some good luck. First off my truck is not in as bad shape as I thought. All the noises it was making they say is normal. It passed a safety with flying colors on paper. Now I don't have to worry about selling it, nor did I. I think I'm going to just drive it to it's death.

Some additional good news is that I put up an Apple Air Port extreme I bought for work that I no longer need and within 1 hour of posting the ad I got a call and within 2 hours he picked it up and I'm now $150 richer. Not bad for something that was just sitting there.

Now I add that up with the $200 I won from Peter and the $50 I got back for returning my empty keg I'm on a roll. Mind you my Kegerator broke and I can't find someone that repairs those mini fridges and I might have to get a new one. I told Alice I'm saving all my money in case I have to buy a new Kegerator. I'm spoiled I couldn't life without a kegerator. I could live without food, but not water or a kegerator.

Run - 1:02:20 / 10.09 km
194.8 lbs

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