Thursday, April 9, 2015

A double record breaking day of sorts....

Yesterday I felt like something was wrong. Body is not working like it normally does. Only upside is I'm dropping weight. In fact I weighed in at 193 lbs today, another .6 lb drop.

To put it all in perspective I'm down 3 lbs in only 4 days.

My ritual is coffee, juice in morning, coffee x 5, some popcorn and coconut oil for dinner and a regular meal. The I go to sleep and tend to drop 2 - 3 lbs as I sleep and then wake up tired.

It's groundhog day and I can't stop.

I tell myself I should maybe start eating a breakfast or lunch and I can't. I'm hypnotised and addicted to the results. Frankly I just want to blow through the 190's and get into the 180's.

There is a goal in my mind. If I can keep this up until the end of April I'll definitely be in the 180's and maybe as low as 185 lbs. I haven't been that low since 2010 Kona. I just know it's going to happen. I feel it in my bones.

This afternoon I had a break in the meetings and went for a run. I was hoping my heart rate was going to be lower, under 140 bpm. It was, for about 10 minutes and then climbed.

The pleasant surprise was my pace was much faster than normal. It started in the 5:40 per km range and by the turnaround I was at 5:30 pace. Although my heart rate was around 165 bpm. At that point I decided to focus on speed and not heart rate.

I keep peeling the time down. To 5:25 to 5:20 to 5:14 average per km. It was by far my fastest run in a long time, at least 6 months. My heart rate got up to 175 bpm but lets not focus on that. It was a super hard run it felt like I was running all out like a race. I definitely got my money's worth and it took everything I had to keep the pace up until the end. It was a 97% effort today. No mailing it in.

You know it was a great effort when getting to stop is the greatest pleasure of all pleasures at that time.

I look back and think I used to do 5:05's at a 130 bpm average. Man are things different now. Mind you I'm running down about 12 lbs from a month ago and I think that once I get back onto normal food and beer my heart rate will come down. At least that his my theory.

There is the fear factor that my thyroid is causing this problem or something else is. I've started to notice I have more forehead than normal and apparently if you have an over active thyroid you can end up losing your hair and it thins out. I get the impression if you get it back in balance the hair will return.

I've never really focused on my hair and have vowed that I would never get a hair piece, but I will say it's taking some getting used to. I'm not at the stage where shaving it all off and going bald is yet an option I'm in that grey area right now.

Body wise I'm burning up and when I stand up I'm light headed. Definitely a diet issue but again I'm addicted to dropping the weight fast. I'm in instant gratification mode. Why wait when you can have it now. Isn't that the way it works for us North Americans?

Still feeling week and I still have a very noticeable muffin top when I do up my pants and I'm really hoping the next 5 lbs will get rid of that. I know I need to start getting back to healthy eating but I just want to get out of the 190's so bad.

We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

Run - 52:35 / 10.07 km
193 lbs.

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