Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Getting ready for warmer weather...

You know when you have one of those days you needed at least one more hour of sleep? Well I had one of those days.

I got woken up by Alice just before I was headed into a deep dream. She couldn't get Reid up for school and had to call in the big guns. Reid has 6 weeks left and lets just say he's going to have to have perfect attendance to pull it off and graduate.

So then I was up. Couldn't get back to sleep and started my day of meetings.

As the day went on I started feeling worse and worse. It felt like I was hungover. My mouth felt like I smoked about 5 cigars the night before. It was the strangest feeling. After dinner I did my hypnosis and I could feel my heart palpitating. The good news was I dozed off during the hypnosis and then showered after and the shower seemed to pick me up.

Some more good news was I hit an all time low in weight this morning of 192.6 lbs. At least an all time low since last year this time. Still feeling very confident I'll drop more.

One observation I've found is the swimming was the turning point of kick starting me to drop weight and I can tell my upper body is firming up big time after only two 3.2 km swims. I realized that the perfect full body workout is an hour run and an hour swim in the same day.

Tonight I decided to replace my kegerator fridge. The original one was no longer cooling. Of course not only did I have to replace the fridge I had to replace the graphic on the fridge. Alice and I picked up the new graphic for the front and Alice put it on. She has the patience to do it right and remove all the air bubbles.

I had to remove the tap hardware from the old fridge and put it on the new fridge and while I was at it I cleaned the lines. That wasn't easy. To get the tap apart it took every muscle in my body. I guess some beer drip-age got into it and it was like super glue. I finally got it apart and the sad part was it really wasn't necessary as the lines were not dirty.

On the old kegerator I had taken the relay off to see if that was the problem a week ago. Tonight I put it back on and noticed that the old kegerator sounds exactly like the new one. The compressor is working. It got me thinking that maybe it's still got some life in it. I emailed the company and I think it could just be a thermostat issue.

If it is I figure I'll sell the old one. It's probably worth more with my fridge wrapper on it. There is no way I'm getting rid of the new one. Why? I noticed it is very cold. It gets down to 0 C or 32 F. The old one could only get down to about 34 F. It wasn't bad, but I'm one of those guys that like ice cold beer.

At one point I also realized that now that I got my Kegerator back working that I should also get my humidor up to speed. I'm been a really bad boy with the humidor. I have two humidors. One holds 500 cigars and at one time it was full and I have a smaller 50 humidor cigar.

Both humidors I've neglected and haven't keep up to the proper humidity and all the cigars are dry. They could be around 65-70% and the humidor has been about 40%.

I moved all my cigars into the small humidor and got the gave it some humidity love. Did a little research and it looks like it's going to take at least a couple of weeks to get them back. Every couple of days I need to go through the humidor and give the cigars a quarter turn. It's worth the effort. I have some relatively good and expensive cigars in there.

So here's my vision for the summer. Work hard. Get skinny. Train. Drink beer. Smoke cigars. Barbecue near every meal. Sit on deck a lot and enjoy the outdoors. Oh, and maybe do some sprint, Olympic and maybe a half Ironman.

Recovery Day
192.6 lbs

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