Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Another first for the year...

As every morning my first task is to empty the tank and weigh myself. I know you are not supposed to, but I can't help myself.

Today I was 194.8 lbs. The exact same weight as yesterday.

Oh, and my routine also consists of me weighing myself a couple times within the first 30 minutes of waking up just to make sure the scale is right. Often I can lose another .2 lbs by just waiting a bit. I'm not sure how it works, but somehow I can lose .2 lbs from just breathing.

Big day today. For work I'm on a mission to find some research participants for our app. If anyone knows a VP or Director of marketing for a large chain store or franchise, please send them my way.

I was like a dog on a bone trying to find some of these people. It was my all encompassing work from wake until about 12:30 pm. By that time I was over doing it and a bit brain dead. Like anything I immerse myself until it hurts.

It was such as beautiful day I decided to go for a run and it was my first run of the year in short sleeves. It was very strange. It's starting to feel real that warm summer weather is coming.

This run was great. I was able to keep my heart rate under 140 bpm the entire run. That's another first. Definitely a sign of two things, the first is I'm getting in shape and the second is that adding more carbs to my diet makes a big difference.

I was checking my training log and realized that I'm now on my 7th week of near everyday training, and even before that I had a solid week and a half in February.

For the first time I'm really noticing that I'm thinning out. On Monday I had Alice help me take my body measurements and my legs were getting smaller. I think I lost about an inch in one week.

When I got back from the run I had to rush to the doctors office. I didn't even have time to shower. I had to go to get my test results about my thyroid. I went in for an ultra sound. Turns out the thyroid looks fine but my blood levels are still out of whack and he's sending me to a specialist.

I'm not sure how serious it is, I have none of the symptoms they talk about. In fact I have the anti symptoms. The one side effect I'd love it the weight loss and that is not happening.

While I was there I asked the doctor for my blood work results. I've been keeping track of them for the past 7 years. On them my Creatine is out of whack and says to monitor as it could be early kidney disease. Of course side effect of that is weight loss and nope, don't have that one either. So I'm missing the side effect of weight loss from overactive thyroid and possible kidney disease.

This was the first time my Creatine was high. It's kind of a little startling and I'm not really sure how or what I'm doing that would harm my kidneys and the more you google there is just information overload.

When I got back I did more of my hunt for research participants and around 5 pm I was brain dead again. I knew if I kept pushing through I'd pay the price.

My plan is to treat work like training. If you do too much at one time you can over train or get injured or run yourself down and get sick. My plan is to work hard and take a break and train and repeat. I think it's just a wonderfully deadly combination. It definitely works.

Tonight around 8 pm I decided to head to the gym and do some weights. I find that weight training is so important to maintain muscle. I was telling Alice tonight that if there is one exercise that people should do as they get older is weight training. I find as I've gotten older I lose muscle mass so quickly now.

Weights were good. Another good session. Mental note. DO NOT go to the gym at 8 pm it's insanely busy. Insanely busy. The best time to go is 10 am or 3 pm.

When I got home I had some Cassin Whey protein and as much as I was bored and would normally have ate something months ago I just can't be bothered. There is something inside me that is saying no it's not worth it.

I am now starting to see some real changes in the mirror. My body is getting trimmer and my face less bloated. I can just see that the next 10 lbs is going to make a big difference. I'll lose the roundness and my body will become more sharp and defined. It's a stay the course or bust mindset.

As I think about it much of my motivation is that I'm so close I can taste it. I need to stay the course. The beer this summer is going to taste so much better and guilt free when I'm 185 or less pounds.

Run - 1:00:22 / 10 km
Weights 40 minutes
194.8 lbs

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