Saturday, April 4, 2015

Major milestone today....

Yesterday I was pretty bummed that I hadn't got any lower than 196 lbs. It was a little depressing actually because I've been training hard and eating healthy.

Last night I had some pizza. Not a lot and made sure I was under my points requirement that Weight Watchers has me on.

Before I went to bed I listened to my hypnosis tape, then  I weighed myself, 198.8 lbs. I didn't hold out much hope that I'd get into the 195's today for the first time in a long time.

I had a great sleep, even slept in. Got up and weighed myself and I was 195.6 lbs. I lost over 3 lbs in my sleep. That's amazing. Totally unexpected and completely welcomed.

It didn't take me long to realize that I made the right choice running yesterday and not going out for beers. And I made the right choice having pizza and not pigging out.

In fact I started to wonder if having pizza actually helped by getting some much needed carbs in the system. Then I started to wonder if the hypnosis got my subconscious turning on the fat fire burners last night. Either was I was happy. I even had to weight myself a couple more times to make sure it was accurate.

I'm not kidding when I started to think that the pizza helped me. I was expecting if anything to be up in weight from the salt typically in restaurant pizza. Instead it had the opposite effect. I've seen this before and dealt with this personally when I had a salt deficit in my system.

Yes a salt deficit. Being low in salt is much more dangerous than being high in salt. Let me explain. When you are low in salt your body will retain as much water as possible to maintain salt. Salt is very critical to living. If you ingest a lot of salt it's not uncommon that the body will lose weight. Yes, lose weight. It will release the water that it was storing in order to store the salt.

I know this first hand. When I did 4 Ironman in one year and trained at a high performance level and even making it to Kona I ran into giving myself a salt deficiency. It was weird I could go from gaining 15 lbs to losing 15 lbs in a single day. It was so bizarre.

The way I found out about it was that I had massive headaches and even went to the local hospital emergency room. The pain was that bad. Originally I thought I had a concussion as I had fallen and knocked myself out a week earlier.

Turns out even though I had a concussion from the fall it was not causing my headache. Just by chance the doctor took some blood work and noticed my salt levels were incredibly low. He told me that he believed my body was retaining water and in fact my brain was retaining so much water that it was expanding in my skull and the headaches I was getting was from the brain pushing up inside my skull.

I asked him what I should do?

He said, eat salt. So I did. On the way home I picked up a big bag of movie style popcorn loaded with salt and started eating it. With no word of a lie within minutes after ingesting the salt my headache went away and I dropped about 15 lbs by the next day.

So that got me thinking, am I low on salt? I know something is definitely wrong. My heart rate was through the roof on yesterdays training session and eating the pizza actually got my weight down 3 lbs over night.

I know I'm not out of the woods yet. I did a weight training session today and the lunges and some of the exercises are kicking my ass. That has never happened before. It's like I'm out of breath and near need to sit down. It's not normal for me.

Now it's just a waiting game and trial by error. It can either be diet or over training or something else. Is it my thyroid? Is it over active or under active, hopefully I'll know soon.

I continued eating more carbs today. Had some of the left over pizza and some air popped popcorn with salt. No over eating though. Everything within my weight watchers points and I make my meals last by chewing slowly and savouring my food.

Tonight was pretty relaxing. Pretty much watching Netflix and playing around with my camera and instagram settings. Then playing around with retouching on my mac in iPhoto. Just stuff to keep me amused and to keep me out of the fridge and on the straight and narrow.

The one thing that was really great today was my weight training session. I'm so committed to making every rep count and get my muscles back. I am pushing it to exhaustion near ever time I can. What's great about weight lifting is my body hurts for hours and hours afterwards. Even as I write this 11 hours after my session my arms and quads and other parts of my body are still hurting from the weight training session. I

 love that feeling. It's like your muscles are still working out as you do nothing but lie on the sofa.

Weights - 45 min
195.6 lbs.

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