Monday, June 30, 2014

Motion is lotion...

Got back on the carbon fibre horse today and broke the 4 day fast from Ironman Boulder training.

It was a hot one, 102 F / 39 C. My head was still not back into it. The day after beers I normally have big anxiety and training helps take it away. If not training it usually takes a couple days.

Mentally I struggled through the ride. I did lots of self talk. At a few points I even started talking to myself out loud. It was my self coach talking to me. I did a lot of talking to myself on a lot of levels. There is lots going on in my mind right now.

To add to it I got a little freaked out when this big dump truck came super close to me. It was on a road I rarely ride and had to because my on my normal route the road I go on is closed until August.

I can't believe how these big truck drivers often drive so close to cyclists. I have a florescent yellow cycling jersey and a flashing light on the back of my jersey. It basically says that I'm concerned about my safety. It's quite scary when they give you only about 2 feet as you see the wheels go by you and if you call you could fall into the tires and they create a wind that is unsettling.

Anything can happen and getting to the start line in one piece is important. A guy I just met through twitter who is also doing Ironman Boulder hit a dog on his bike this weekend and separated his shoulder and will not be at the start line. Scary Stuff.

When I got home I was mentally not feeling to good. I was tired. I decided to lie down, do some work and then fell asleep on my bed. I faded in and out and by 5 pm I was feeling mentally much better. Everything was starting to normalize and I could feel my motivation coming back.

Today was also an awesome eating healthy day. Last Wednesday I was at 200 lbs on the nose, today it was 205.8 lbs. Just shows you how things can go sideways quickly. Undeterred I made sure I watched my calories. There is a feeling in me deep down that I am now really focused and stick with my diet.

I also know that if I can give it hard like I did for the last 3 weeks and eat like a champion that I'll be ready for Ironman Boulder. I know that there is two things I need to do to succeed daily, eat healthy and to lose weight and to train. Even on a recovery day if I eat properly I'm moving myself forward.

It's kind of a strange sensation right now. I'm kind of in a holding pattern at work and there is not much for me to do until our official launch. It's my first chance to enjoy this next month. Kind of like a quasi vacation. I've never really taken a vacation more than a week or two and if I add up all the weeks of vacation I didn't take it would be at least a year.

I really should be enjoying this time off and treat it like a vacation. Build up my energy for August when things will be back into full swing and I'll be going super hard for the next 60 days with my new venture Salmon Social and determine if it's going to be the life or death of the next big social app.

This being the last day of the month I had some decent training hours for June at 57.57 hours and a total of 1024 km of swim, bike and run. Considering I was in scare bad shape I can recall in years when I started, I'm pleased. The month has moved by pretty quickly and my body is definitely tightening up and gaining muscle.

Another challenge I'm trying to take up is to minimize my use of online social media. I'm finding it an addictive time waster. Other than some posts for Salmon Social I'm going to try and take the month of July off from Facebook and Twitter.

Bike - 1:14:13 / 30.03 km

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