Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bike Speed Work and Food...

Wednesday and Thursdays are training days I look forward to and not look forward to.

I look forward to them because I only have one hour bike session on Wednesday and a one hour run session on Thursday. Why I don't look forward to them right now is they are speed work sessions. Speed work session make one hour feel like 90 minutes and they are hard.

My session today was a bike and I tried to get it done early. The forecast was rain and I don't want to do any rain training at this stage of my life.

Today was one of those days where nothing went right. I mean nothing. It was one of those days that you get ready and forget something. An example is getting fully dressed up to ride and then you remember you need your water bottle and you have to take your shoes off and go back to the kitchen to fill up a water bottle. Or you get out and close the garage door only to realize you forgot to put on your helmet and you have to go back and open the door.

I had all those things happen today and then some. My speedometer on my bike malfunctioned the other day so I had to reset it and it took about 4 times of trying until I got it done right. I then had to program my Garmin to keep track of my intervals and setting it up right was easier said that done. I thought I had it right until I started to use it on the road and realized I didn't and had to stop and re-program it once again.

The upside is once I started to get riding all that anger, angst and piss-off-ness goes away. I go to my happy place, my place of zen. Then it turns from that into the House of Pain after my 15 minute warm up.

This weeks session was much tougher than last weeks. Last weeks was the first speed work session of training and was a "break in" speed work session. This was a your going to hell speedwork session. It hurt.

I still can't believe how slow I'm riding. Simon gave me a tip to check the bearings on the crank. I'm going to check it out. I still think it's weight.

Good news on the weight front, I'm down to 202 lbs. A week ago I was 206.8 lbs. I'm making progress. It's not easy.

I don't know what it is but after biking speed work all I wanted to do today was eat. I resisted. I'm on day 5 of my 7 day challenge and have come to far. My stomach is rumbling and wanting food and I'm doing everything in my power not to oblige. I know that if I don't eat my body will take more of the energy it needs from my fat stores and I'll be down more weight.

I'm also feeling like an old person. I keep telling Alice our house is too big. We have three levels and it's 4500 sq ft of living space and every floor of our house and area gets used. It's not like some houses where some rooms are museum type rooms. Our house was designed to be lived in.

I got so used to the 1000 sq ft condo in Boise and if you forget something or need something it's only a few steps away. Now if I do the same it's up the stairs, down the stairs and I'm sore from training as it is and the walking just ads to it. I can hardly wait until we downsize. A 1500 sq ft house or condo would do me fine.

Since Alice got her fitbit I can't believe how much she walks. She's at least 6 miles a day. Unless I'm training I'm not even half that amount. She's aways said she can't sit still and now the numbers prove it.

I'm looking forward to a better sleep tonight. I only got about 6 hours last night after near 5 hours of training. My body feels it today. My nose is running and I have the sniffles. Welcome to the world of Ironman training.

On a positive note my body is changing. I'm getting tighter. I still have trouble looking at my extra layer of fat and I know if I just stay the course it will burn off. It's all about staying the course. It's so hard to stay the course with temptation but I keep thinking about achieving the success as Reid suggested.

What's keeping me motivated is knowing I'm only 2 lbs away from getting out of the 200's.

Bike Speed Work - 1:12:35 / 32 km

P.S.Looking for all the support I could get as I fundraise for Doctors without Borders. Big our small donations welcome. Support a great cause.

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