Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday's are dangerous...

The plan was to do my long ride today. I had a guy coming to reset the remote for the downstairs entertainment system at 8:30 am and figured I'd be on the road for my long bike by 9:30 am.

Nope, not the case.

Turns out it was a lot more work than he anticipated. I had it set up by another guy who owns a company before and he mailed it in. He's a nice guy and all and he's exactly my age and he's been doing what he's been doing for years and years and now I can tell it's just not appealing to him any longer.

The tell tale sign was when he told me he didn't know exactly how the receiver worked it was an older model and he was the guy who sold it to me. He then showed me that ALL I have to do is press some other buttons on the receiver and it will all work good.

Problem is I don't remember what buttons he's talking about and so I got frustrated and just started pushing all the buttons and before I knew it nothing worked. I wasn't going to call my mail it in stereo guys so I found a new one and he came over this morning.

He had his hand on his head a lot and was trying to figure stuff out. I have DVD, Apple TV, Cable, Surround Sound and Sirius. There is also two zones in the house. The most important zone to me is the one in the Pig & Whistle and outside as that's were we hang out most to listen to 70's music.

It took the guy 2.5 hours to figure it all up and set it up and he didn't mail it in. He even set it up better than I expected with Sirius always playing on zone two in the P & W and it works great because I have a separate volume control in there.

After he left I took some saran wrap and wrapped the front of the receiver so no one could turn dials or anything. Myself included.

The remote we got is from Harmony and what I like most about it is its and an app on my phone that is a one push and it starts everything up and syncs it all up. It take about 5 remotes and puts them all into one. It's very cool.

The 2.5 hours through my schedule. I had to pull an audible and move my long ride to tomorrow as I didn't want to be out riding after 4 pm on on Friday. Fridays are very dangerous for bike training. I think it's because it's the end of the week and people aren't paying attention and are tired or they've had some beers and are emailing and texting as they drive. Friday bike riding scares me.

I was also feeling a little fatigued in the legs. I just came off two days of speed work sessions and I had a pretty good pump in the legs. I've learned the hard way that sometimes rest is better than training. I really learned that from some guys in their 70's and 80's at Kona during the Ironman in 2010 when I raced it.

Sitting at their table I was amazed how these old guys did it and they explained as you get older rest is so much more important and beneficial. They have no option but to take longer recovery periods. I thought that was interesting.

In the past I'd feel guilty if I took a day off to recovery. It was a mistake to think that way.

There is also a certain liberation knowing that you are not competing to qualify for Kona and that you are just there to finish and have fun. It means you don't have to take your training so seriously.

Frankly this will be the first ride of the year and I'm not looking forward to it. It's to be a 6 hour 45 minute ride followed by a 30 min brick run. I know it's going to hurt and be mind numbing and not just yet sure how much. I used to eat these long rides for breakfast now I'm thinking "ugghhh do I have to?". The answer is yes, unfortunately. There is no mailing in being able to do an Ironman without training long for it.

So instead I spent the day doing a little work and watching World Cup soccer in the Pig & Whistle. I'm really getting into it. It only comes around every 4 years and I'm not even a big Soccer fan and I enjoy it. I think it's because it's a slower game. I can follow the ball not like hockey where it's hard to follow the puck especially in my old age.

Reid was working on his short film for school project today. It's pretty cool. They shot it in two evenings and he was editing it. The school said you are not allowed to do anything with drugs, alcohol, tobacco, guns, or violence. Reid don't care his film has all those things. I should expect a call from the school. I don't really care if you are in grade 2 and watch TV you see all those things and the goal is for him to learn and no better way than doing something you are interested in.

I actually think kids feel more pressure to succeed today than when I was a kid. Reid put together a blooper reel and I watched it. There wasn't a lot of laughing. It was all serious and just flub ups of lines. I could see they were really taking this seriously. I would have been laughing and joking the entire time. Different generation. I actually feel sorry for them.

No Training - Recovery

P.S. Less than $400 needs to be raised for me to meet my fundraising goal. If so inclined and you want to support Doctors without Borders with me representing them at Ironman Boulder, please feel free to contribute.

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