Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A run that scared me...

I was dreading today's long run. It would be my second leading up to Ironman Boulder.

Over the years I've done so many long runs I can't remember. I remember in 2010 I did close to 30 long runs between 2 to 3 hours.

Why I was dreading it so much was I'm about 14 lbs heavier than I normally am and it's not easy running at that weight and my fitness is not where I would want it to be.

I knew by doing today's run it would be a huge confidence builder and continue to build momentum. This would give me my 2nd long run with 6 weeks of training left which will definitely prepare me for Ironman Boulder.

It was a brutal run. It was 37 C / 98.2 F and I ran at mid day. To top it all off I didn't bring any water. More often than not I don't bring water on my long runs. I figure it's only a couple hours and not having water toughens you up. Today I wished I wore a water belt.

I ran a total 2:43. It was supposed to be a 2.5 hour run but the last half with all the walking in order to keep my heart rate low added an extra 15 minutes.

I walked in order to keep my heart rate under 138 bpm. As I ran and walked all I looked for was a house that had a garden hose I could see. Saw one at a vacant house. Tried it and it was turned off from the inside.

I was going to call a friend, "Alice" to pick me up. I chose not to. I needed this run from a mental as well as physical standpoint. I gutted it out.

First thing I did when I got home and stumbled in the house was weigh myself. I wanted to see how much water weight I lost, it was 9 lbs. I left at 204 lbs and came back at 195 lbs. My shoes were soaked from all the sweat dripping down into my shoes from my legs. It was that hot. I've only had that happen once or twice before.

Last night I was researching diets. I NEED to lose weight. On today's run I was more motivated than ever to drop the weight and I need to do it fast. I only have 6 weeks until race day. I'm dreading what it would feel like having to carry an extra 14 lbs during an Ironman. I dread it more than having to run in the heat of today.

My biggest fear is that this is my last Ironman and I struggle through it. The worst would be if I had to walk most of the run. I've been there in 1991 and it was something that I can't describe how mentally and physically painful it is.

I've decided I need to go on a rapid weight loss program and I don't care what people think. To me it's the lesser of the two evils. If I can drop the weight within 2 or maximum three weeks it still gives me three weeks to eat more calories and gain full strength before the race.

The only way I can lose weight from experience of dieting is to eat under 1000 calories per day. I was reading on the web some people that lose up to 15 lbs in one week are eating 850 calories on weekdays and 1200 on weekends. To lose 15 lbs in 1 weeks you essentially have to have a 5000 calorie deficit.

Now before everyone starts going all "I'm crazy" on my ass. Stop. The reality is I have the energy to sustain my training even by cutting my calories. It's call fat, it's stored energy. If there is any risk it's losing muscle during the process. That's were I have to eat lean meats and supplement with protein.

I'd rather go through the pain and suffering of having to not eat much for 2 weeks than having to training and race heavy. It's the lesser of the two evils.

When I got back from today's run I felt like a combination of a bonk and heat stroke. It wasn't heat stroke I just felt like crap and had a little bit of the shivers afterwards. I drank as much liquid as I could and that also makes you feel sick when you are pounding liquids into your body, water, diet coke, protein shake and beer.

Yes beer. It was the think that actually started to bring me back to normal. I had three over a 3 hour period. I then ate a very sparse dinner. In total I ate 1500 calories today and 500 of them was from beer.

I figure if I can just hunker down hard for 2 weeks and along with training I'll be down into the low 190's and then I can up the calories. It might not be wise by conventional wisdom but then again I'll be monitoring my body the entire time and make adjustments as required. It's not a blind process it comes along with evaluation.

If I can get through the evening wanting to snack time. That's when the hunger pains start from the beginning of the evening fast. I just have to keep thinking about how horrible it feels to training and race heavy.

Lastly today my Doctors without Borders team jersey arrived. It's now getting real. Added motivation that I have to stay the course with training and drop the weight. The reality is I'm shape to finish, albeit slow.

You have no idea how signing up to support and raise money for DWB has keep me on track.

Long Run - 2:43:40 / 25 km

P.S.Looking for all the support I could get as I fundraise for Doctors without Borders. Big our small donations welcome. Support a great cause. http://events.doctorswithoutborders.org/participant/bryanpayne


  1. you're playing with your life. not drinking water, does NOT TOUGHEN YOU UP.

    that's what football coaches used to do to their players years ago. they stopped doing it when players died in practice in the scorching heat

    that's dangerous and stupid. you could have easily keeled over and died by the side of the road.

  2. Football players are big and fat and....hey wait a minute....maybe you make a good point. haha. Seriously though I knew I wasn't yet in danger or I would have phoned a friend. All's well that ends well is my motto.