Saturday, June 21, 2014

First day of Summer...

Technically you could say I did some training today. Alice and I rode our bikes to downtown Burlington to check out the Burlington Beer Festival. It wasn't very big but it was still fun.

Before we did that we started the morning off with a healthy breakfast at a neighbourhood all day breakfast joint. I went healthy, only had half an omelet and some toast. I then asked Alice if she was up for riding our bikes to the beer festival.

We've never ridden our bikes downtown, it's about 10 km from our house. I figured it would be a good time hanging out together, something different to do on a Saturday, we could drink and pedal home, we could stop at different pubs, watch some World Cup Soccer, sit out on the patios and just enjoy the first day of Summer.

Which we did. It was a great day.

It started off not so fun as we rode downtown and there was nothing but traffic. Even though we rode on the sidewalks I've never been more scared about being hit by a car. It was insane and definitely not a relaxing ride.

Once we got downtown and had some lunch all was good. I even checked in on Salmon Social and seen some people had previously checked in. One looked like my buddy Rodney the other I didn't know.

For the festival they had a small part of a street closed. They called it a car show with about 7 old cars and one new Camero. Not much of a show, but the Camero that caught my eye. I'm thinking for the Boulder Ironman we planned on driving and then maybe going on a road trip to visit friends and family and I started thinking that I should rent one for the trip. That could be fun.

We pub hopped. All the while I was trying new beers. No more light beers. At the Queenshead I saw the guy who fixed our home entertainment unit last week and my neighbour from across the street saw us and said hi. It takes going to downtown Burlington to see our neighbour.

It was then winding our way home. Of course I stopped by the car dealership even though it was closed to look to see what Camero's they have. Then off to Canyon Creek for dinner. Another Salad. All I'm eating now is Salads. Oh, and a fudge brownie and ice cream desert. There was an awesome Muskoka beer glass they served my beer in, needless to say the glass still is in my possession and now family among my other pub borrowed beer glasses in the Pig & Whistle.

Our final stop was The Black Bull. Another outdoor patio, another beer. As we were leaving we met a guy who went to St John's Boy Boarding School in Selkirk Manitoba. He must have been a bad boy. It was a school for wayward boys. They lived there and they worked doing farm choirs and were known for selling honey and sausage door to door. Then they would go on these huge winter sledding trips. I always wanted to go to St John's. I thought it would be cool to do all that adventure stuff.

By the time we got home we had finished a 23 km bike ride and it was a great way to start summer. I'm committed to make this my best summer ever and this was a perfect beginning. Even though I already started. I thought summer started already I had no idea it started June 21st.

It was also the perfect way to recover. I got a little recovery exercise and it was a good mental break. I will say I'm beer-ed out. Starting tomorrow It's going to become a 5 day challenge. I figure if I could eat healthy, no snacking, no beer from Sunday - Thursday it will be a nice little compromise of doing what I need to do to lose weight and doing what I need to do to enjoy life.

When I look my current weight I realize that it is a game of a series of small decisions and it's taken me 48 years to start to learn that. The big thing is not over eating and eating the right foods. Today although I had beer my day consisted of half a vegetable omelet and toast for breakfast, Braised beef and Caesar salad for lunch and Caesar salad and one prime rib slider for dinner and half a dessert. The dessert I could have done without but it was small.

The killer is when you eat carelessly. When you order appetizers like nachos or fried and greasy stuff. French fries are another killer. If you stay away from those sorts of foods and make choices to eat food that is lean meats or salads and minimize the breads and exercise regularly it makes it much tougher to gain weight.

I should know I can go up and down more than anyone I know and I never go up from not eating fried foods, chips or candy bars. It's those foods that are guaranteed to help me gain weight.

Beer isn't even that bad except with you have too much of it and you lose your self control and start eating fried foods, chips and candy bars. Then beer becomes that enabler.

Tattoos. My big takeaway from today's patio sitting. Tattoos. It seems everyone now has tattoos and many of those people have full arm or full leg or full back or all of the above. Some of them looked pretty scary and then I'd look at their calf's or arms and they are in no shape whatsoever.

As I was sipping my beer at Joe Dogs and people watching I was wondering how tough some of these fully tattooed suckers really are? I was wondering if they have so many tattoos because they are insecure or want to make themselves look scary? Especially the ones that shave their heads and have tattoos running up their necks?

Twenty years ago if you saw someone with a Tattoo on their neck or face chances were the person was at minimum potentially dangerous. Now you can't tell. Twenty years ago it was tough to get a job if you had a tattoo. I remember a friend of mine wanting to get his, the size of a quarter removed from his forearm because it didn't fit into his career path. Instead he just always wore full sleeved shirts. Now a days it's not an issue everyone has tattoos.

Alice tells our kids to be different and don't get a tattoo.

We finally made it home. I was pretty darn beat. Lied down on the sofa and was out for the night Alice couldn't even get me to wake up to go to bed. Looks like I had a successful recovery day and it was very enjoyable and memorable.

Bike Ride - 2 hours / 23 km

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