Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's all about torture...

Yesterday I tortured myself on the bike doing speed work and then tortured myself by eating way to much crap food, like Twix bar, liquorice, Doritos and lots of home made movie style popcorn and beer.

It hurt. You go out and do something good for yourself training wise and you come back and sabotage your efforts. For whatever reason I just couldn't stop eating yesterday.

I know if I just train hard and ate healthy I'd drop weight fairly quickly. I'd also have to get off the beer. In my experience it's very difficult if not near impossible to lose weight and drink alcohol.

Today I tortured myself as well. I did running speed work at a local school track. It was hot and humid out just like I like it. I had the track to myself and I'm sure if someone was watching me run they wouldn't have any idea that I was doing speed work I was that slow. My 400 meter was between 1:45 - 1:50. To put it in perspective it used to be 1:30.

As I was running I was just disgusted with my gut. It all sticking out and everything. I really started to get mad at myself for pigging out yesterday. It felt like the right thing to do yesterday and today I'm paying the price and torturing myself. It was one of those moments that I realized it's easier to say no to junk food than it is to do speed work at the track. Hopefully it's a turning point that sticks.

I love running and always have. Running on a track is different though. It's hard in that you are doing interval training and it's mentally as well as physically tough. It is also very gratifying when you finish. I find an hour on the track is the equivalent of running 90 minutes.

During today's workout I was sweating so hard and I could hardly see from all the salt in my eyes. Since I got the movies style popcorn maker working and I'm using the same supplies as the big movie theatres I've been eating nothing but super salty popcorn and the salt comes out when I sweat and when it hits my eyes they burn as well as being very annoying and reminds me I'm eating way to much unhealthy popcorn.

I finished and was dripping in sweat. That is a good feeling knowing you went as hard as you could regardless of the shape your in. I could definitely feel myself getting stronger especially my legs. I am starting to get pains in my pelvis area and the best way to describe it is a hernia but it's not. I've had this before. It's my core. I need to get back to working my core and the best thing I tried to fix it was the Insanity DVD workouts. I'm somehow going to have to include those into my training regimen.

The pain and suffering of today's speed work session was not all lost on me. It forced me to eat healthy and small portions. Yes you heard that correctly. I didn't have breakfast. I had some Chicken for lunch and a stuffed pepper and a very small amount of linguine for dinner and some beers. No snacking.

If I didn't have the beers it would have been a perfect day. But how can you not have beers when it's day one of the World Cup and you are sitting in the Pig & Whistle watching? And you're committed to having the best summer ever and after the game we sat outside in the warm humid air until close to midnight chilling.

Aside from my regular work stuff I ran a long overdue and very important errand today. I had to pick up a galvanized post for a parking meter I bought of eBay for the Pig & Whistle. I bought it a year or more ago and it's just been lying on the floor. I couldn't buy a pre-made pole so I had to go out and find a pole and then take it to a welder to put on the base.

I found the pole for $25 and found a welding shop that will supply the base and weld it for $35. Then I'm going to get a spray paint can of chrome for $10 from Home Depot and I'll be done. I'll take that out of my "to do" jar.

Then I need to figure out a place to put it. The Pig & Whistle is filling up with stuff and not a lot of open spaces anymore. Alice keeps telling me no more stuff. I keep saying " and it's my Pig & Whistle and I call the decorating shots. On the rest of the house it's all you and you call the shots". Mind you I don't know what more I could add to the P & W I pretty much have everything. It's really a childhood dream come true at this point.

Actually I just thought of what I need. Some pellet gun shooting targets for the back yard. I'm into shooting my pellet gun lately. I have a riffle and a hand gun and I'm an awesome shot with the riffle. I picked off a sparrow through the fence and as it was flying down to the ground. Alice is not happy that I'm shooting birds. Hence I need to get some targets. I'm definitely a Canadian Redneck.

My positive take aways about today. I did my first running speed work session and ate healthy, sans beer.

On the fundraising front thanks very much to those that donated yesterday and day prior. I want to give a big shout out to Matt & Heather Oravec, Tracy Spiva, Peter Takeda, Chris Monson, Adena Andrerson and Nicola Milner. Thanks so much between the 6 of you the total was a $1075. I'm now just $400 shy of my goal of raising $4000 for Doctors without Borders. All donations big and small welcome. Please follow this link if you'd like to donate.

Speed Run - 54:18 / 10.01 km

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