Monday, December 15, 2014

Food is a drug...

Ok, so as I've gotten older I've started to better understand my body. More specifically the changes I feel when I eat or drink and wake up the next morning.

For near a month I haven't had a beer. I'm really trying to lose some weight and I have to say it is hard. Even eating correctly it seems it takes forever for me to lose just a pound. Yet, if I don't eat well it seems it takes no time to gain weight.

I did eat well for a couple weeks straight. Pretty much a ketosis diet which is high fat. I find a ketosis diet is awesome for me as after a while on it I feel really great mentally. I've read a lot about the ketosis diet and they have been giving it to epileptics for near 100 years and it greatly reduces seizures. They are also saying people with bipolar are much more balanced on it. I figure if it balances brain chemistry for epileptics and bipolar people, it must be pretty good.

I do know for me I feel great when I'm on ketosis. And there is the rub. I went about 2 weeks eating perfect and then one day I ate some junk food. The next morning I woke up like I was hung over, like I got hit by a truck. I would have never experienced that in the past when I was younger. I didn't pay attention and would be the energizer bunny.

Now I feel the truck hit me. It was actually pretty cool as I didn't have to read about how eating junk food was bad, I FELT it myself.

On Saturday I had some beers, first in near a month. Not many, but the next day I felt horrible. More than just physical, but mental. I've heard from guys older than me when I was younger that it gets harder to have beers when you get older, I'm now starting to believe it. It's actually becoming a turn off because when I eat well I feel so great I don't want to mess it up.

I find that it takes me near about 2 or 3 days to totally recover not just physically but mentally.

The toughest for me is how much hard work it is to get the weight off and how easy it is to put it back on. Last year I got down to 190 lbs, about 12 lbs less than now and it was so tough to get down to that  weight that I vowed to keep it off. Nope. Wasn't ready.

Much of it was the wild adventure starting SS app and being part of the documentary. It was fun, there was drama and I had way to many beers in Boise.

On a personal level this past year may have been one of the most interesting periods of my life. I really started to know thyself. I've also been able to change my mindset and I've had a big mind shift when it comes to my life and career.

I look back and I have regrets. I know many people say "I have no regrets". I do. There is so many things I would have done differently. Now I'm at the stage of my life that it's like a second start at life.

The difference is time is of the essence. Life is short as you get older and it's also very liberating. It forces you to check and double check everything to make sure you are not wasting your time.

I can feel I'm onto something. Not just career wise, but person wise. I hope so. I want to have a great backside of my life.

I think why I'm feeling so good is I feel like I'm learning a lot. I'm engaged and I think I'm onto such a great business that it's fun. I'm also in total control of everything and it's fluid.

You know you are on the right path when it doesn't feel like work. I guess in a way it isn't if you define work as getting paid.

In between a number of meetings I was able to squeeze in a run. In years past I'd feel guilty if I ran during working hours. Now I don't, at all. That's been one of the best transitions I've ever had.

Best part of the run is that I got so many business ideas. My runs are like others showers. Some people do all their thinking in the shower, I do my on swimming, biking or running.

Food wise I didn't do great today. It seems when I start training I feel I can snack on some chips. I used to when I was doing Ironman training. That was one of the rewards of Ironman training. I could train and eat some snacks without overly watching what I eat.

I also dropped my facebook account. There was a time I was big into twitter, then Facebook and now I'm feeling I just want to get back to simple and old school. Watching TV....and trying to relax. I'm not going to lie, I'm not there yet, I quasi watch TV and spend my time on the Internet, doing research and when I get bored I hang out on Fiverr.

I love Fiverr. I've been needing some stuff done and it's amazing how much stuff you can get done for $5 and most of the time the work is pretty decent and even if it's not I usually don't care because it only cost me $5.


  1. well fatty, you're not alone. i haven't had a beer in a month and i weigh about the same despite counting calories

    i look at french fries and i can feel myself getting fatter

    IM training starts in 2 weeks