Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Legs strong, but...

You are going to get sick of hearing this, I hope. It's crazy how many big brand franchises are interested in wanting to get involved with my new app. Just today alone I spoke to the biggest in it's industry space and they love it. When the person you are talking to says they would use it personally you know that's a good sign.

So that's it with my awesome days, it's actually surreal. To have and sell something that everyone wants is an incredible feeling. Something I've never experienced before.

The upside of all those good feelings is it carries over to training. I enjoy my runs now and because I'm thinking about stuff deeply the time flies by.

The only issues I'm having that I haven't had for years is I'm feeling a twinge of planters fachitous. It's because I'm running only and not stretching as much as I should. Specifically the hips. Believe it or not it all starts in the hips.

Many people will stretch calf's and think that will work. Nope. Open up the hits by stretching and doing weights is also really good.

Talking about weights I've been so meaning to get to the gym. Maybe tomorrow. I'm not a huge fan of lifting weights but the benefits are undeniable. Especially at my age. You lose muscle quickly. Even getting to the gym every third day would be more than enough.

Food wise my toughest time is between 4:30 pm and 8 pm. It seems I'm constantly grazing. Especially if I came back from a run, then salty chips seem in order.

So it's been almost a month of eating well, training 3 days a week and having only one night of beers. Tomorrow will be the big weigh in day. My prediction is it will be a 2 or 3 lb weight loss over a 30 day period. That disgusts me. It's definitely age, as it's so easy to put weight on and so hard to take it off.

On the Facebook side I'm getting over it. I have had some comments that they miss me on Facebook, not the same. For me I was thinking about it, I keep myself real and when I say real I mean "immature" and honest. I find so many people as they age get so politically correct and take life way to seriously.

I did hear the movie "the interview" was pulled by Sony for Christmas day. Bummer. I was so looking forward to that movie. I guess the terrorists won on that one.

Even my daughter was giving me a bad time today. I was having a great day, lots of good meetings and when I got off the phone I'd be signing in the house "yeah baby! yeah baby! yeah baby!" and she gave me a bad time. WTF? What I'm I doing wrong. Of course I didn't listen I kept doing it and she threatened to hit me.

She also said she hates when I say "that's so hot". I guess it creeps her out hearing her dad say that.

Couple more meetings tonight, then I want to get to bed early. I'm kind of exhausted this week. After tomorrow I'm not setting up any more meetings, just doing number crunching. I have lots validated and can now crunch. And I hope to workout at the gym and do some ab crunches too.

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