Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It's much easier when you have something someone wants...

I have the most crazy dreams, always have. This morning I had a dream that was so real it woke me up at 5 am. It was one of those dreams that rattled me, next thing you know I'm wide awake and can't get back to sleep.

So what do I do. I turn on my Apple TV and start watching WW2 stuff on You Tube. I'm very intrigued by Hitler and war. I think what intrigues me is the human condition. The other things that put me to sleep that I watch is You Tube video on Serial Killers and Mobsters. Again, it just blows me away that these are actual people.

Within about 15 minutes I was fast asleep again. I needed to have a good sleep, I had an important visit to the head office of Honda to talk about my app and see if it was something they would be interested participating in. Turns out there is interest, at least enough interest to take it to the next level and set up a meeting with some more marketing people. It was very encouraging.

When I asked the person I met if they would use the app personally, the answer was "yeah, I think I would".

This is my second meeting with a National Brand.  The first was a National Pizza brand who committed to have me come down in January to see how they could integrate and another is the beginning of a partnership with a company that has 3000 clients that could use our app and they are prepared to start introducing us.

Tomorrow will be another big day. Meeting with a big restaurant chain, I won't say who it is but there name starts with an Mc and their logo is yellow and red.

What is most fun is that I have a product that people want. I've never had something that has been in such high demand and there is nothing like it on the market, at least not done well.

So between customers and investors it seems every time I show the app, people either really like it or love it. Tomorrow I also have a presentation with a major VC out of Silicon Valley, a guy with three, billion dollar exits and on Thursday with another VC.

I must say I'm having a blast. Not only with customers and investors but with the team I've put together and the interviewing of people I'm interesting in hiring.

Today there was no training. I got home late, around 6 pm and I was tired. I actually woke up tired. Still from the beers I had on Saturday and some junk food from last night. I'd like to say I ate perfectly today but can't. I'm for some reason feeling like I'm in Ironman training and catch myself having some potato chips and Alice made some stew, so I had to have a couple bowls of that, it was delicious.

It was funny meeting with my contact from a major Car Brand. I did a lot of business with him when I owned Embassy. We traded stories on what we both did since then. When I told him mine, the selling of the business, the Ironmans, the yearbook business in Silicon Valley, the SS app, the documentary and now this new app he was like wow, I was thinking, lots has changed.

The best part of my change was I got my mojo back. Ironman kick started that and it changed my life.  It's amazing how getting in shape physically changes your mindset. I found myself going from old feeling to feeling like a 20 year old again. It was such a huge confidence builder as well. For the most part I feel on top of the world and enjoy life.

There is no doubt in my mind I'll be training again tomorrow, I'm on the every two day schedule and I'm sure it will get back to every day. I have no desire to do an Ironman again, I'm retired. But I am looking forward to training and doing some half Ironmans. Providing I can swim and not panic in the water. That is my only fear.

This next week I'll have a little bit more time for training. I have less meetings and am going to be focused working from home tightening up all my numbers.

Other great news is I'm back working with JJ. JJ was a VP for me at the yearbook company. It's like we are getting the band back together. He loves the app and he has major contacts at many of the national retailers. Major contacts.

Staying off facebook has been fun too. It's such a time waster. So now the time I wasted on Facebook I've now put back into blogging. It's like my relaxation.

Oh, on the beer front, I was thinking after work tonight that it would be nice to have a cold one and relax. Instead I thought about it. I thought about even with a few beers I'd feel crappy tomorrow. I thought hey man I'm starting to feel better, I don't want to go through the pain and suffering long term for short term gain.

Which reminds me, I think I need to set my bike up on the trainer downstairs at the Pig & Whistle.

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