Friday, December 13, 2013

Wanting a change...

I woke up this morning feeling crappy and bloated, up about 2 lbs. I ate lousy last night. I got into my old routine had some M & M's, Goodies, Sunflower Seeds and Potato Chips before dinner. To make up for the binge I didn't eat dinner. The snacking ended up being my dinner.

It was a productive morning and I had a lunch scheduled so I wanted to get a run in beforehand. I slipped away and did an hour. There was a light snow coming down and I had to run a little slower than normal to avoid slipping.

There is something about running and thinking that works for me. Same on the bike. I do my best thinking on the run. It's really amazing. Perhaps that is why I like running so much. I can work through any problem easily on the run. I can expand my mind and create visions on the run that come to life in my head like they really exist.

When I run and can visualize an issue or vision I know it's possible. The rest is just implementation.

Today's run I had something that's been something personal that has bothering me for sometime on my mind. Basically I'm at my mid life point or in my case based on my lifestyle, beyond the mid-life point and I want to know what I want the back half of my life to look like.

It's more of my mid-life crisis issues

The two main questions are...."What do I want my personal life to look like?" and "What do I want my professional life to look like?"

From a professional standpoint I know retirement is out of the picture for me. I semi tried it and I can't do it. It's GREAT to know that as it takes that card off the table.

Professionally I feel my BEST 10 years of my career are ahead of me. I've never felt more capable, confident and wise in my entire business life. With over 25 years of successes and more importably, mistakes, I'm no longer figuring out how I should handle situations. I know with 100% certainty. I no longer seem to face an issue I haven't faced before.

It's now about building not learning. I'm excited about the next 10 years. I'm ready, willing and able to do some amazing things. That's unquestionable.

Personally is where I struggle. What do I want the next 10 years of my personal life to look like?

I know I need balance between work and personal life. That's a given. But what do I want my personal life to look or feel like? This is where I'm troubled and have mixed emotions and I don't yet have the answer. I will eventually. I don't now. I will. I'm committed to figure this out and not take forever to do it. That's not my nature.

Timing is everything and I had a great lunch with my best friend Al. The timing of our talk was perfect. He's my age. He has a good idea of where I'm at and he gave some awesome feedback and advice.

I consider myself a Tsunami maker. Some people call people like me rainmakers. It's another term for sales people who make rain. To have rainmaking abilities is a gift. There is a reason sales is the highest paid profession in the world. The top sales people make more than brain surgeons and CEO's. Rainmaking is what makes the world go round and why they are in high demand.

I get offended when people call me a rain maker. Yes I can make rain, always have been able to, that's definitely NOT a problem. However I think that's just the start, I can also make hurricanes, typhoons and Tsunami's. Rain making is entry level stuff.

One thing about making rain is it's a very intuitive and karmic sort of reality. It's rooted in the metaphysical. I don't believe it can be taught. Technics of sales can be taught but real rainmaking happens in a different dimension. Even if your not a rain maker we all experience that dimension.

Today at lunch I experienced that metaphysical dimension.

Through a conversation with a friend that I'm closer with than my brothers I got some advice that I hadn't thought of before and the timing couldn't be better. The same advice a day earlier wouldn't have had the same impact. It was advice on an issue I'd been thinking about on my run 1 hours before our lunch meeting. It was a suggested process towards a solution I never thought about.

It was karma and after lunch I put the wheels in motion to take that advice.

On a different subject Alice and I have been thinking of a change of residence. We've been in our house 8 years which is longer than any other house we've owned. We normally get the 7 year itch and sell. Most of our houses have been new so 7 years is a great time to get out as things start to break and it's just before the interior goes out of fashion. I think the 4 leaks in plumbing throughout the house got us thinking.

Also a big house is expensive and a lot of man hours to maintain. Our house is over 4500 square feet, has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 6 TV's, high taxes, high utilities bills and a partridge in a pear tree. We don't really need all the space. Every week something seems to be breaking, or we are upgrading, like a TV, etc. If we had a smaller place, maybe a high rise condo or town home, around 1700 square feet, no maintenance, two TV's, 2 bathrooms etc, we'd save cash and labour. Money and time could be save to do use it for the fun stuff like travel.

I personally would LOVE a high rise condo that was 1700 - 2000 square feet with 3 bedrooms and a large balcony looking over the City. Doesn't look like there is any around in our area. It's important to me not to move too far from the great bike riding in the Niagara Escarpment. Problem with a High Rise is we have 4 cars and lots of crap. We probably need a garage. I also looked at my daughters room and was thinking if we move I'd have to move all her crap and the amount of books she owns is insane. I don't know how she got so much in her room.

Reality is we probably can't do anything until the kids are out of the house. There is lots of 2 bedrooms at 1400 square feet. Which suits me fine. I don't need nor want to spend money on image and ego stuff at this stage of my life. I used to own $1000 dollar suits in the 90's and now I don't even own a suit that is from this generation. My work garb for the past 5 plus years has been a collared Ironman Shirt, jeans and skateboarding sneakers. Even at meetings at the highest levels with executives in full suits. I figure don't judge me by what I wear, judge me by my abilities.

I just want simplicity at this stage of my life and a place close to a pool, a gym, great riding and running. The hunt continues.

Good news is I ate relatively healthy today. I had one case that I sent into the pantry and grabbed a handful of pretzels, even ate one before putting the pretzels back and spiting the half chewed one out of my mouth and into the garbage.

Run - 1:04:13 / 11.18 km

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