Monday, December 9, 2013

Exercise is a great drug...

Monday's and Friday's are my busiest work days. Today was 8 meetings back to back to back. I had to also deal with some unpleasant stuff which is never fun.

Finally by 7:17 pm my work day was done. It was time to move on.

First thing I did was hang my new Ironman medal rack in the Pig & Whistle. The walls are pretty full with stuff and I only had one spot I could put them.

Frankly I'm a little nervous taking them out of my bedroom drawer and putting them out in the open. What if someone comes over, a friend of the kids perhaps, and decides to take one? These are things that worry me. It's like putting the crown jewels out in the open.

Then I got to thinking. Two of my original Ironman Canada medals from 1987 and 1991 are MIA. Best I can figure out is they were in Alyssa's play box when she was a kid and they got lost. Maybe a sandbox somewhere or she left it at a friends or on the front street. Who knows.

Then I was thinking they are only medals. Painful medals to get though. If they go missing or are stolen so what. They are just medals. I felt it was better to put them out so I could see them and enjoy them and I'll take the risk of them getting lost or stolen. Our kids are pretty responsible. They'd make sure they are okay if they have a party or lots of friends over.

Next up was hanging the clock Ken Willers bought me. Awesome clock. Found the perfect home for it. Afterwards I got some motivation and headed out to the gym. Did weights and then a spin on the bike.

I crushed it on the weights. I'm pushing weight I've never pushed before. Shoulder press I used to struggle at 50 lbs and now I'm doing 80 lbs. I swear it's the Beta Alaline. I now understand why body builders believe it and protein whey is a body building staple. It's hugely effective. There is no greater feeling that pushing more weight than you are used to and not fatiguing as easily.

Then it was onto the bike. Just for a leg spin. I had my phone and just doing the social media thing and checking out posts on Facebook eats up a lot of time. It seems to make the time go WAY faster. It's the same as flying in a plane. If I'm working replying to emails or writing a blog post the time flies. It's not uncommon for 5 hour flights to see like an hour when you head is into your computer.

I also wanted to make sure I got today's session in. I have sales meetings this week and I know I'll be busy from morning to night. I wanted to make sure I got some exercise in.

Notice I didn't say training? Intentional. Right now I'm just exercising. Just by saying that it makes it seem light.

There is no doubt that exercise is a drug. After my working out my mind was clear and body relaxed. Definitely a great way to end the day. On a positive note.


  1. The good news about putting your Ironman medals out is that if anyone takes one you'll know immediately because thee are so few of them haha

    On another note, is it worth contacting the organisers of the races that you've lost the medals, explaining the circumstances and asking if there is anyway you could get hold of one of the excess stock? They can validate your finishing credentials easy enough.

    Alternatively look on ebay - who knows?

    Maybe Craigslist etc

    Put a wanted ad out there. You earned them so you deserve to have them.

    Now stop your whining and eat some more junk haha

  2. Yes, exercise is a drug that don't take any bills from us but give us a lot of health benefits. We have to perfectly know that how exercise can be effective for us. SO thanks dude :)