Sunday, December 8, 2013

First run since Ironman Cozumel...

I had a Sunday phone meeting at 9:30 am for 2 hours and it was tough to get up for. My body really wanted to sleep. I think it was from yesterday's first weight and swim training since IMCZ.

Could have also been from the processing of the movie popcorn I had last night. Alice and I went to the Hunger Games.

Since I've been back home it seems I've fallen into my old eating routine. Kind of. Not to the same extreme but I find myself constantly looking in the fridge and pantry and snacking. It's very strange.

In Arizona I rarely snacked, partly because I didn't buy junk food. Then I get home and it's near immediate that I'm back to my old ways. Definitely conditioning.

Alice and I spent about 3 hours at the walk in clinic today. At the movies last night her eye became sore like she had something in it and then it ballooned up. Turns out she has an infection.

After we got home I was tired and got more tired as the day went on. My original plan was to do a 30 minute easy run in the afternoon. I was too tired. Instead I headed to bed, watched some of "Anchorman" on TV and had a power nap thinking I'd feel more motivated when I woke up. That's normally how it works.

I woke up and it was now dark out and colder. I really didn't feel like running. I could have talked myself out of it easily. Instead I asked myself if this was because I was really tired or just unmotivated because of the weather. I was tired and unmotivated, but not too tired to run. At least not enough to feel it would be better for me to rest than run. I felt I needed to get the legs pumping so I don't lose muscle.

After bundling up it was out the door. Once bundled and going for a couple minutes the weather doesn't really bother you. I realized this was the first run in a long time that I was running in the dark. It was about 5:30 pm.

Running in the dark is a different experience than in the day light. You get much more in your head. It naturally takes you to a more introspective place.

One thing about running at night in the cold is I got to see the Christmas lights lit up on the houses and it's starting to feel more like Christmas. That was cool.

I'm glad I ran. My legs needed it. Even though it has only been 6 days since IMCZ I could feel the muscles relaxing and releasing and becoming looser. My plan was to run 30 minutes and when I got to the turnaround point I thought maybe I'll run more. I decided against it. No need. This is not a training run. Just a relaxation run and 30 minutes is all I needed. I also thought that for some people, normal people, 30 minutes is a regular run.

My big challenge is trying to break my counter productive routine patterns of snacking at home. I'm intrigued that immediately I went back to my old routine. Why? This is something I want to change. I want to create a new routine. This is my new challenge. Figuring out how to break years of a routine.

Will be interesting.

Run - 33:43 / 5.92 km / 5:41 per km pace


  1. What did you do, sign up for the 5k to couch program? haha.

  2. Dude, 2 things, firstly tell Alice to stop buying the flippin junk! Job done, problem fixed, end of story.

    Secondly, interesting thoughts about running in the cold. I always heard the expression that there's no such thing as being cold but only wearing the wrong clothes. This got me to thinking that a fresh look at this little ode of wisdom is required. So here's my take on it - "There's no such thing as being cold but only living in the wrong country" Whahahahahahahahahahaha I'm a genius!

  3. R, haha. Don't you mean ironman, to couch, to 5 k training program? haha

    S, she buys it for #1 son and #1 son comes first with momma bear. I've tried. Maybe I'll get them to put a lock on the pantry that only the two of them have. haha.

    True on the country.

  4. You are 100% correct about running in the dark. I started training again, and have to start at 4:30 am with my job. The dark solitude allows me to contemplate how I want my day to go. I found that I was snacking endlessly because I was bored, so now I really try tell to myself that I'm only bored when I feel like snacking. It took me a gain of 20 lbs to realize this fact.