Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Recovery is hard...

This might sound hard to believe to a normal person but to any Ironman they get it.

Taking time off to rest and recover is HARD.

After weeks of training for an Ironman the routine becomes training. The training creates awesome physical and mental gains. Your constantly on endorphins. Your definitely able to cheat a little on your diet. Sweating becomes enjoyable.

Then the race is over and it's like going cold turkey on the training.

For the first few days to a week it's cool. No big deal. You get to have some big breakfasts. You get to bask in your Ironman finish accomplishment. You're body is still getting the positive effects of fitness and physique from the race.

Then the week ends and this is when it gets tough.

Every book and piece of expert advice you get tells you that you need to relax. To recover. That it is now your off season. To enjoy it.

Well.....It's not that easy.

Once you start feeling a little soft. Or you find yourself being bored. Or start spending too much time in front of the TV. Or snacking in the pantry. You know that recovery time is not going to be easy.

In fact I think training is much easier than rest and recovery.

With training you have a plan. You work the plan. Everyday, big or small you are accomplishing something. Every week you are seeing gains.

Essentially when training it seems like the world is all in alignment and all is good.

When you stop training or reduce your training significantly with no structured plan it's the equivalent of the world stopping circling on it's axis and just floating through space.

Today and tomorrow I'm in sales meetings. Definitely a perfect time to have all day sales meetings. I don't have to fit in training. Only issue is I'm sitting and there's breakfasts, lunch and dinners.

I go from world class athlete routine to regular person routine and lord knows I'm not a regular guy.

No Training - Recovery.

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  1. 100% agree. I cant do it 3 days tops and I am back on my bike