Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My hair is minty fresh...

Yesterday morning in the bathroom I was brushing my teeth, finished up and saw a big blob of hair gel on the countertop. I had no idea how it got out of the container onto the counter but there was no way I was letting this stuff go to waste. It's expensive.

I scooped it up with my finger and put it back into the container.

This morning I was brushing my teeth and again there was a blob of white stuff on the counter again. This time I realized it wasn't hair gel, it was toothpaste. The toothpaste container had a whole at the bottom and was pouring out onto the counter when I squeezed it to load up my toothbrush.

Then it dawned on me that I thought it was hair gel yesterday and put it into the hair gel container. DOH!!!

Sure enough I look and the white of the toothpaste is much whiter than the white of the hair gel.

I had a choice. Scoop the toothpaste out or throw the whole thing out. The hair gel is expensive so I went in to get the toothpaste out.

I thought I got it all. Then gelled up my hair this morning. Not till later in the afternoon after my run did I realize I didn't get it all.

In the shower I felt something hard on the back of my head. I thought maybe it was grit of some sort. Turns out it was toothpaste. As I washed my hair there was this ever-fresh smell. Very strong. As the water was running down my hair in the rinse, it hit my eyes and they started burning. It wasn't ever-fresh hair shampoo, it was toothpaste. DOH!!!

I eventually got it out. It did smell good and my head tingled for a while along with my watering eyes.

The day got better.

I was able to slip out for a run. Near literally. It had snowed the past few days and the sidewalks were not fully cleared of snow. There was lots of slipping and sliding. The difficulty is the equivalent of running on a white sand beach. It's tough. You go slow and it really works your core.

Before I ran I had to figure out a way to charge my garmin GPS watch. The charger broke and doesn't clamp onto the watch. Problem solved. Put the popcorn maker on top of it to apply pressure. Call me Bry-gyver.

I did one of my standard routes which has taken me 50 minutes in the past and this same run it was 1 hour 15 minutes.

The funnest part of the run what when I passed from behind a couple of young boys, probably in the 5th or 6th grade. I tried making as much noise by coughing as I came up on them. It's a way that I give a signal I'm coming up on them. These kids were to into their world to hear me. So I kept running.

I finally came up beside and passed and I've never seen a kid jump out of his skin so dramatically. He not only was startled his whole body started shaking. It was beyond words. He was a wreck. I basically scared the living SH*T out of him.

It was so funny to me. I said sorry as I ran by and then started chuckling and laughing to myself. If it was a girl I'd feel differently, I'd feel bad, but it was a boy and it was funny seeing how scared and startled he was. It took about 5 minutes until I stopped smiling, laughing and chuckling to myself. I wouldn't be surprised if the kids heart was still beating out of his chest by the time he got home.

I must say it's weird only having to do one workout a day. I know am better understanding how normal people exercise. To me a single hour long workout per day seems like it's like doing nothing. That's how skewed my perspective is about training. To do 6 or 7 hours a week versus 20 hours makes it feel like I'm not doing anything.

Dinner tonight was a burger and Caesar salad. I was craving a burger. Then did some birthday shopping with Alice. She wanted a purse for her birthday, it's on Saturday. There is no way I'm going to pick out a purse for her. I'm not equipped. I have no idea what is in purse fashion.

I know when I'm out of my league and need to phone a friend and bring her along. She found the perfect purse, I pulled out the credit card. My work was done. Birthday gift purchased. Now I just have to get her some Christmas stuff. That I'm equipped to do.

Along the way I also picked up a bag for myself. I don't have any sort of brief case to carry my laptop or business cards when I go to meetings. I usually just show up with my phone that I used to take notes. I've always wanted one of those metro-sexual bags but didn't want to spend any serious coin. I found the perfect fake pleather bag for $39. Sold. Now I'll have a place to put my business cards if I remember to bring them to a meeting.

To bring cards to me is rare. I constantly forget. The irony is when I'd go to meeting years ago and I was training younger people, if they forgot their cards I'd go up one side of them and down the other for not being in the game. Now I'm Mr Magoo when it comes to bringing business cards.

Finally, buy your lottery tickets. I went out for dinner with Alice and did not wear an Ironman shirt. When I cleaned out my closet on Sunday I found a shirt I forgot I knew I had. I posted a picture of what I look like sans M-Dot

easy run - 1:15:13 / 11.18 km / 6:34 per km pace.

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