Saturday, November 23, 2013

Trying to keep it together...

I've been home since Tuesday night from 33 days away and it feels like I hadn't left. The 30 days in Scottsdale training and working seems like it wasn't real, that it didn't happen, that it was a dream. I really need to stop thinking of the warm weather of Scottsdale. Talking about it ain't going to change things here, according to my family. I can take a hint.

It didn't take long to start getting up without an alarm, the sun coming through the window does that. I got up at 7 am, weighed myself because I was bored, I was an awesome 192.6 lbs. A good race weight for me is between 183 - 187 lbs. I was then still tired and knew I should really get some recovery sleep, so back to bed I went, started watching about Hitler on YouTube via mac TV and next time I opened my eyes it was 10:43 am. Nice. Felt much more rested.

Weather was lousy today. Cold and occasional flurries. I played around on social media and returning emails as long as I could before training. As I played on facebook and twitter I was thinking "what did I do before social media?", the answer is simple, "I watched TV". Then I thought that whether I wasted my time on social media or watching TV is there really any difference?

As the day went on my goal was to just get out and run before sundown. My other objective of the day was to transfer all my data from my old Mac Book Pro to my new one, which required a call to Apple. I love calling Apple support. They are so good and patient. Forget reading how to do something, I call them and ask them to walk me through it step by step as I can't read. I often wonder if they believe me that I can't read. Do they think I'm Dyslexic?

There was some technical issues, but we finally got it transferring and sometime in the wee hours of the morning it should be done transferring the data. Once it got going the timing was perfect for my run.

I didn't want to run. I'm in taper and it's not uncommon to feel flat, out of shape and unmotivated in that first week of the taper. That's me right now. To get me out the door I told myself I was going to go easy and make it enjoyable. I was romanticizing it in my mind. It was a mind game.

I got all bundled up and then realized my Garmin battery was dead and needed charging. That killed another 20 minutes as it charged. It would be blasphemy to go out for a run without my Garmin or just a regular watch. So I waited all dressed up.

I'd like to say the run was enjoyable. It wasn't. It was cold and windy and it was cold and windy. It wasn't Sc*ttsdale. I was thinking just 6 days ago I was running in the heat with no shirt on and now I'm running bundled up with a jacket, gloves, toque and sweat pants. Life is cruel.

The upside of the run was I had a decent run for keeping my heart rate in the low 120 bpm. The downside was the weather and I still feel very flat. The best part of the run was rounding the corner to my street and knowing that it would all be over soon.

I also noticed that I had a lot more mucus than normal on my run. I get the sense my body is purging itself of toxins and crap. I just don't want to get a cold. I need to stay away from sugar. I find eating sugar is the number one reason to start colds or cold sores. I'm just trying to get through the taper without getting sick.

I'm trying to keep up my healthy eating, it's not easy. I'm back to my home surroundings which has many more temptations that I don't control. Like potato chips and snacks in the pantry. I started the morning making a scrambled egg and vegetable concoction for Alice and I. Then came dinner and I was craving wings. It was off to the House of Wings for some deep fried pickles and wings. Then to a movie and a little popcorn and I really went off the rails having my birthday cupcake.

It wasn't so much a craving as much as boredom. It could have been worse, I could have started eating chips, or I could have bought those M & M's at the movie theatre that was calling my name (Alice and I went to the evening showing of the movie "Gravity") I didn't. I had self control. I also don't want to sabotage all my hard work and efforts.

I feel so good physically right now and I know I worked hard for it and I know I can lose it quickly if I'm not careful. More than ever I'm valuing the effort and hard work I did and want to maintain the results as long as possible. I was even strategizing about what sort of training I'm going to do after Ironman Cozumel in the off season. In the past I did nothing or went crazy on the food and beer. Not this time. I know how hard it is to reverse the results of those destructive habits.

So to keep positive I need to think positive about my day.

1. I ate a healthy breakfast
2. I got a decent amount of sleep
3. I hit a respectable low on the scale this morning.
4. I got my computer data successfully transferring over.
5. I did a training run and got some fresh air.
6. Had a night out of dinner and a movie with Alice.
7. Snacked a little but not too much. Just enough to taste, not enough to damage.
8. I'm feeling rundown and flat this week...better this week than next.

Mod Run - 1:03:35 / 11.18 km / 5:41 per km pace
192.6 lbs

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