Friday, November 29, 2013

Ironman Cozumel…Day Three…

Another great sleep. I’m getting paranoid, I’ve never been so rested for an Ironman, when’s the problems going to start?

I had such a good sleep I had to get myself up, lying in bed or oversleeping I find can cause my back to hurt. I don’t want that.

I spent the morning in the lobby using the Internet. The wireless isn’t strong enough to make it to my room. I sat for a couple hours, did some work blog posts, cleaned out my emails and did the social media stuff.

Afterward I headed down for a light breakfast. I don’t want to over-eat too much from now until the race. I want my body to spend more energy repairing muscle than digesting. I also don’t want to load up on too much food and have to deal with it during the race, if you know what I mean.

Breakfast was light. I met up with Lochlin again and met his wife Debbie. We had a really good talk about some personal stuff he was experiencing that I’ve experienced. It’s amazing how a chance conversation turns into something very meaningful and unexpected. Afterwards he was thanking me very sincerely for providing my insight from experience. It was a special moment. I felt it.

Now this is wear the unbelievable happens. I head back to my room and start getting ready for the race, two days before. That’s unheard of. I started with my bike. I tried to get my broken speedometer working. Tried as I might it wasn’t working so I had no choice but to take the new one I bought yesterday out of the package and assemble it and put it on my bike. Easier said than done.

First off I’m no mechanic. My ability to assemble things from instructions never goes well, at least the first time. When I build things, like a BBQ, I inevitably have left over parts and always misread the instructions and have to disassemble and reassemble.

That happened today as well. Only difference was I was in a calm Zen like state and nothing bothered me. I guess it was because I had nothing else to do so I may as well enjoy putting the speedometer on and together even thought he instructions looked pretty daunting.

To do it I had to adjust my front water bottle by taking it all apart and moving it back. In the end I did it. Mission was accomplished and the speedometer worked.

I also lost control of the bike and it feel into the bed with the gear side out putting grease all over the inside of the bed spread. Doh!!! Between that and dropping and losing screws and parts, it was even more of a challenge.

The pre-race preparation didn’t stop there. I then took off my two behind the seat saddlebags and removed some of the items and manage to fit the remaining ones into one bag. I still kept my pedals and a wrench to remove the old one. I got a bad feeling about the existing ones. Although the lubricant helped, I’m still nervous that they will seize up. I’d rather risk the extra grams of weight than have to drop out because my pedals broke.

From there I kept going. I washed my bike down with the bathroom face towel, which was filthy afterward. I put the race numbers on the bike and helmet. I prepared and packed all my transition bags. Prepared my nutrition, put Perform in my water bottles, sans water. Then charged my Garmin watch, even thought he charger had broken, I figured out a way to use my Steve Jobs book to put weight on it so it could charge. Then I started organizing and folding all my clothes, cutting tags of my new Ironman shirts.

I was in a major organization and clean up mode. When I was done it felt so good, like I cleansed my soul. I was in no rush and it was actually enjoyable in a therapeutic way.

Next was some more hanging out in the lobby using the Internet, then a lighter meal. I found out that they have an a la cart menu in the main area. I didn’t have to eat from the buffet. So Greek salad and pasta it was, trying not to overeat.

By 5 pm I was back in my room relaxing and watching "Back to the Future II". It’s amazing how bad of a memory I have. I know I watched it years ago, but remembered basically none of it. It was like watching a new movie, like it was the first time.

I think I have all this time on my hands because of the Thanksgiving Holiday, normally I’m dealing with lots of emails, conference calls and decision making. Who would have though going to Mexico to do an Ironman would feel like a holiday.

The rest of the night was rest and relaxation and mentally preparing myself to have fun on Sunday. I’m visualizing the swim, bike and run with me staying in the moment, not wishing it was over, and enjoying it and having it make me feel alive.

It’s all about attitude.

Rest Day – No Training – Pre-race Preparation.

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