Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mac Therapy...

I woke up sore, again. I haven't done much training and I'm sore? Yet I feel out of shape. Yet I know I'm not.

This is a very cool experience. I've never had a taper take this extreme before. Yet I've never crammed for an Ironman with 83 hours of training in Arizona while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Right now my mind set is "trust". Trust everything will be okay. Trust the body knows what it's doing and will recover and be ready. Trust the unconscious mind is working with the body. Trust they are both just messing with me. Trust less training will equal a better race. Like I said it's all about trust.

When I put it in perspective my goal is just to finish, respectfully. I'm not looking to qualify for Kona. Although I'm not going to lie, I do have those fantasies asking myself "what if I had the race of my life?" Then I went to the site and saw there is only 2 qualifying spots for my age group and normally the guys are in the low 9 hours. That's when my bubble bursts. Even on my best day there is no way I could get down to the low 9's.

So I rest. Like I said I woke up tired and sore yesterday and I've had 2 great nights and long nights of sleep. I ALMOST put on my compression tights. Almost. They are so hard to put on so I didn't. Although this week I should.

I was going to hit the pool. But I didn't. I pulled an audible and decided to fix, er set up my new computer instead.

There is something therapeutic about setting up and organizing technology. It's also a bit of a mind teaser. I had to transfer all 400 GB of files and operating system from my old mac book pro to my new one. Called Apple, they walked me through and 9 hours later the files were transferred. Did that last night, today it was all about organization, clean up and sync with my two iPhones and iPad. AND I created new playlists for training, AND I figured out how Genius works with iTunes. It's very cool, I now have a bunch of cool playlists.  AND I downloaded my Garmin Data from Arizona. (Turns out I did do a lot of climbing, one 100 mile ride alone was 4500 ft of climbing, I knew it was lots of climbing).

AND I CLEANED PART OF THE HOUSE. Yes, it's true. I got so frustrated with a mess on the counter, I couldn't find my Garmin transfer stick, I got a green garbage bag and went to town. An hour later I couldn't find the stick, I was convinced we have a ghost and the counter was clean like it has never been. Oh, I did eventually find the stick, we don't have ghosts, it was in my pocket. Doh!!! Anyways it motivated me to clean.

I started on the computer and organizing and all that jazz at around 10 am and finished 11 pm. It feels great having everything organized. Work files dealt with. Emails returned. I'm now ready for Monday.

No Training. Recovery / Taper

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