Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Stay Calm & Get a Lot done...

Tomorrow morning is my flight to Cozumel. On one hand that's great, I'll be in the warm weather, on the other hand there is so much to do before I leave. Work is a given, it's the other stuff that adds to it. I'm glad to report, I got it all done.

Highlights...of what I did after 3 pm...
1. Expenses (I hate doing expenses).
2. Run
3. Bought charger for camera
4. Got a haircut
5. Cycled
6. Packed Bike
7. Packed triathlon gear, clothes and nutrition
8. Went for a massage
9. Finished by 9:30 and got some quality family time watching American Horror Story with Alice.

All day I felt pressure and I worked not to let it get to me. Every time I'd feel behind or a little stressed I'd calm down.

I really didn't feel like training, it's a delicate balance of keeping the body active and keeping the mind fresh. Often not talked about is showing up to race mentally excited to race. I've experienced both states.

I've trained right up until an Ironman giving myself no mental break and the race was a grind. It was like another long training day. Other times I've tapered with less training and when race day came I looked forward to racing. That light training break rejuvenated my mind, it was fresh, and positive. I much more enjoyed the day and the race.

The later is what I'm trying to prepare myself for for this race. To be at the start line looking forward to racing and the body not feeling overworked.

I've often said the doing an Ironman race is really the victory lap. The training leading up to the race is the real Ironman. Those hours grinding out the long bikes and long runs and pushing yourself out the door when it would be easy to not train, but you do it anyway, is the real Ironman.

There is no more training I can do to get into better shape, and erring to the side of less training and more rest during the taper is safer than over training and mentally there is no comparison. Showing up mentally wanting to race is the best. Showing up mentally fatigued and just wanting to finish is the worst.

Buy 7 pm tonight I was mentally toast. I trained, I was packed and all I wanted to do was fall asleep. Earlier in the day I booked a massage for 7:45 pm so there was no rest for me.

I was amped up when I got to the massage place. I was on edge. I was wired. The massage changed all that. The guy doing the massage applied perfect pressure. Not too hard, not too soft and it was relaxing. I almost fell asleep until he stopped to ask me about the tattoo on my arm and give me a compliment how he liked it.

I came out of the place feeling 1000% better. It was night and day from when I arrived. All the pressure was gone. I felt light. I felt it was the right thing to do and I lucked out that I found someone with the perfect touch. I've had lots of massages and they either do it very deep, or too light. This was perfection. Last time I had one like that was just before Ironman Canada in 1989.

Now it's relax time. Nothing more I can do but get a good nights sleep, continue to eat healthy and mentally let my mind go. No more stressing about training.

Although there is one thing I need to take care of and I'm glad I found it out now. On my ride my speed play pedals were clicking and making noises. I've had this before. Happens before they break. They are not turning fluid. I definitely need to buy a new pair. I hope the have them at the race. If not I've brought an old pair that I'll take with me on the bike just in case the existing ones break.

My run I did my lucky run. Before every good race I've ever had I run a loop I normally don't run. It's a good omen.

My biggest concern right now is not physically being able to finish the race. I know I can do that. My concern is that my race ends due to mechanical issues. Something outside of my control. That would be a heart breaker. My only regret was this week I wasn't able to get my bike to the shop for a once over. Fingers crossed.

Ironman race day law...."expect the unexpected".....

Now I need to tune out race worry....I need to relax and let my mind open up and get fresh ready to enjoy the race.

I need to relish in the fact that 5 weeks ago I went from not that great shape to training 83 hours in 4 weeks and getting in decent shape, I've also lost close to 10 lbs and gained a lot of muscle. I can't lose sight of that I need to celebrate the wins along the way.

Easy Run - 38:03 / 6.72 km / 5:40 per km pace
Mod Bike - 45:38 / 22.5 km / 30 kph pace

191.6 lbs (lowest so far)

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