Sunday, February 22, 2015

Let the insanity begin...

I woke up this morning, it was a nice quiet Sunday morning. I turned on the bedroom TV to relax and in typical Sunday programming fashion on was a infomercial with the guy who created the Insanity workout program.

For Christmas the year before last I bought it for Alyssa. Which really means I bought it for me too. When I was in Boise in the condo we started doing the program in the mornings. It took a while to get used to it and not look like I had too left feet. I'm not going to lie, it was kind of tough and it worked.

We bailed after about 2 or 3 weeks but even in that short period of time I was seeing results.

I was doing some Googling last night, the subject "how to lose 20 lbs in 30 days". The results came back that I need to do high intensity training and that low heart rate aerobic training isn't the best way to do it.

So as I was lying in bed watching the info commercial, which is so awesomely done to get you to want to order the program I got motivated to go downstairs and start the first DVD of the insanity program. It was the fit test.

With the fit test they go through key exercises within the program and in one minute you see how many you can do and record it. Then every week you do the same fit test and record those results and compare.

The one thing I noticed during the session was how tight I am in the hips. I noticed the same thing during my weight training session. To the point that when I was on the squat machine it hurt. It was a feeling I never had and I know why, I haven't been stretching much.

I used to stretch at least 10 - 15 minutes after every training session. Between the stretching and the weights I'm convinced that is why I was rarely every injured. After the age of 40 it's essential to do weight training without a doubt.

It felt great to get that insanity workout done. Even though this one was only 27 minutes it seems like a lot longer. I was doing a lot of heavy breathing and grunting just to get through. I did a pretty good job too, except my form was awful. The only exercise I had to rest a little with was the push ups near the end.

Everyday I pretty much weight myself even though it's recommended you do it once a week. Today I was up .4 lbs. Definitely retaining water from the muscles repairing themselves.

This afternoon Alice and I went for a Sunday drive. I had to get out of the house just to see something different than the inside of the house. When you work from home after a while you need a break from the house. Mind you I could never see myself working from home ever again.

Even with my new venture which I expect to grow pretty large pretty quick with a hundred plus staff I see it being a virtual company. I was thinking it would be great not to have a head office, period. To have a PO box that mail is sent to. It not even the wave of the future, it's happening now.

I was looking for telecommuting software online and found out that Apple has many of their advisers working from their homes. You call the 1800 line and it ends up in someones bedroom office. I love it.

Aside from it being an awesome lifestyle for most people, I find people work harder, there is no office  politics and everyone seems much happier.

One our drive we found a old fashioned Hot Dog diner in Burlington that we had never seen before. It open in the 1930's. We had to stop for their footlong hotdog. Even though I'm on a diet I'm more into portion control than abstinence. Life is too short and I really don't think a hot dog is bad for you.

When we got home I decided today was the day I was going to learn how to use my go pro. I got it last year and it was used during the documentary for shots, yet I never got into using it personally. I don't know why, I'm the video guy and did video Vlogs in the past all the time with my flip camera.

It took me about 2 hours to figure it all out. For a normal persona it probably would have take 20 minutes or less. It seems no matter what I do I never do it right the first time. It could be anything, like putting together a barbecue and if there is a way to do it wrong I'll find it.

My plan was to start to video my 20 lb weight loss journey. It add to the motivation or at least it provides more pressure to succeed.

I filmed my first Vlog on this evenings trainer ride. My plan was to set it up and watch the Academy Awards. It didn't take long into the program that is was bad. I thought it would be exciting this year. It was just bland.

The ride was good and worked up a nice sweat. I think I've gotten over the past feelings of dread when I had to ride indoors. I remember so many 3 hour plus rides and a lot of 5 - 7 hour Saturday rides downstairs. You have no idea how hard it is to ride for 6 - 7 hours indoors. If the U.S. government wants to get secrets out of Al Quada all they need to do is make them ride a bike for 7 hours on a trainer.

After the ride it was right to stretching. It's definitely time to get back at stretch. One of the stretches I do was so hard I couldn't believe it. It used to be easy to get into that position. I had to really work at it this time. And the pain during the stretch was there. Mind you I've learned to like the pain of stretching, I just breath deeply to get though it.

I'm glad I'm starting now, better safe than sorry.

Insanity Workout - 27 minutes
Bike - 1:01 / 28 km