Saturday, February 7, 2015

Crunching the numbers...

Woke up today, 205.4 lbs. Yeah Baby!!! Three days ago I was 210.4 lbs. I know a lot of it is water weight, and I don't care. It still feels good. It's also motivating as my eating strict to the Banting diet it's working. I've been told Banting will peel of the weight.

It was interesting reading about the Banting diet. It was popular 100 years ago and then was dismissed in 1959 and now it's coming back. It's basically a Ketosis diet. High fat, moderate protein and near to no carbs.

Like I mentioned the other day. I hit the "I'm pissed off" wall and it's time to get serious about my diet and get down 20 lbs. Actually I need to get down to 185 lbs as I have a bet with Rodney. I owe him $100 now, I had a bet with him I'd stay off facebook for 3 months. Failed. So I did a double or nothing that I'll get down to 185 lbs by March 31st.

Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a while. Last night was one of the best sleeps and one of the best dreams I've had in a long while. It had to do with Simon Cross and Malaysia and us doing an Ironman, (which I have no plans ever to do again, I'm retired) and a big feast, then doing some redneck stuff of barbecuing off the engine block of an old beat up truck I had.

The one cool thing in my world is I have two world. I dream every night, without fail, unless I had a few too many beers. Then I remember nothing. Otherwise I dream every night and my dreams are awesome. It's a whole new world. There is times I want to go to sleep to get into my other world reality.

What amazes me is that you can live days or week or more without water. Longer without food. But you can't survive more than a day or two without sleep.

I have a theory that as humans we are super advance computers. No charger. Our body is like a self contained power source. BUT with our minds being a computer, it's like we have to shut it down to clean it or reformat it. Best theory I've come up with so far.

In fact I think as computers evolve they will figure it out and make them human like. Self thinking and self sustaining.

The one thing about being overweight is you wake up refreshed and in about 20 minutes you feel tired. In my case it's because I'm eating well and my body is working hard to get rid of the toxins and burn the fat. It's working harder than if I was at my ideal weight.

This time round I've stopped drinking diet Cokes. I've never dieted without diet cokes but according to the Banting diet, diet sodas and juices are off limits.

I noticed when I pee it's very sudsy. It's like beer foam. To me it's a sign that my body is getting rid of something that's not normal. I was thinking maybe some of the quality of beer, the stuff that makes foam, is still in my system and now I'm getting rid of it.

So I did four things today. Number crunch, go for a long car ride, banter on Facebook and watch TV. Oh, and blog.

The number crunching started with spending 2 hours with Atul, my financial analyst. Going through our customer ROI model and then starting off the sales compensation structure.

I really enjoy doing financial modelling and working with Atul is great. We learn from each other.

To do a compensation model it's a blend of making money and figuring out what will motivate a sales person and studies have shown it's not money. Contrary to what you think. It's more about the emotional satisfaction they get from their job. I've seen people work for free in cases where they own the business because they feel proud that they own a business and can brag and feel superior doing it.

Figuring out the plan is both an Art and Science. It often comes down to a structure and then trying to put yourself in the shoes of the sales person and see if you would be motivated and engaged under that structure.

My goal is I want to make this a career position for people. Something that gives them health benefits and brings something they need and want into their lives.

Anything to do with sales I love. My passion is sales. It feels so natural to me and managing sales people I love. I love Glenn Gary Glen Ross, Wolf of Wall Street, Tin Man, Wall Street, Tommy Boy and any sales movie. There is not a sales person on the planet that can BS me. Most sales people by nature are lazy, or try to find the easiest path. Nothing wrong with that, it is what it is, the key is to figure out how to keep them motivated and moving.

Next was off for a truck ride with Alice. We drive all around the countryside for 2 or 3 hours. I don't know what it is but I love car rides. Time to talk and always a change of scenery. Best is when I get lost and don't know where we are. Its' an adventure. The other fun part is going down roads and seeing stuff you never see.

Talking to Alice if we retired the funnest thing for us would be to travel, but not by plane, but by car in "road trip" fashion. Drive and let the magic truck takes us where ever and stop and stay at whatever hotel comes along and feels right.

Frankly I know I can't retire and not working I'd be afraid, I'd probably party way to much. Last time I semi-retired after seeing my business it was a party almost every night. Hence from those days the name the Pig and Whistle originated when my buddy Jamie asked me what I was going to do for my future and I told him I was going to do what I'm doing now. He then said "you mean you are going to hang around this bar like the guy on the TV show the Pig & Whistle?"

For those that don't know the Canadian version of Lawrence Welk was call the Pig and Whistle and it was a variety show within a bar called the Pig & Whistle.

Back home and it was more number crunching in front of the TV and checking out Facebook. Facebook is my office water cooler and men's locker room. Lots of banter back and forth. All in good fun. None of my facebook friends get big heads or I pop them and vice versa. You have to have thick skin and be able to take a puck to the head to be my friend. I've had many de-friend me, or unfriend me. I call it culling of the herd.

On the work side once again I must say this period of just planning and trying to raise money has been very educational. As strange as it sounds the business model is evolving to be much better than if I already launched months ago. I realize whatever I lose in upfront time I'm going to more than make up with with a strong plan.

The tough part once you get started is to toggle between execution and strategy. Each in there own right is straight forward and not a problem, until you mix the two, it creates much more pressure. This is the first time in my life I've pre-planned to this extent. Usually it's gut feel and then make it happen.

Now it's gut feel and then prove out the numbers. In most cases my gut feel can be supported with numbers. In other cases seeing the numbers I've figured out better strategies that make more money.

My broken hand is getting better although typing is tough. It's still sore. The bump on the hand bugs me. Definitely a reminder and life lesson, so long as I remember it.

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