Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time is ticking...

It feels like history is repeating itself. It's two weeks to our company sales rally and the pressure is on to put on a world class event in record time. It's a project I just took over and just yesterday and today I've worked two back to back 13.5 hour days and I don't see an end in sight.

The only problem is I have an Ironman in 24 days and I'm injured.

Is it possible to pull off the impossible? To get ready for the rally, to train enough to maintain my fitness, host the rally and hope my injury heals so I can do Ironman Tremblant 4 days after the end of the sales rally?

It's definitely possible. Anythings possible. Is it probable. I don't know. It definitely sounds like something worth bragging about if I can do it.

It's amazing how lousy someone can start to feel after a couple weeks of low training volume after 8 weeks of great training volume. It's incredible how quickly your body can get soft. I really don't like this feeling. I look back and say, "what if? what if I didn't over-indulge during our anniversary 5 day vacation to Barbados? What if I didn't party to much during my recent trip to West Virginia? What if I would have had the time to focus on this earlier?. Lots of what ifs....

The reality is there is 24 days until IMMT and 17 days until our sales rally. That gives me 24 days recover from my injury and about 24 days to train and eat super healthy.

Today I took the plunge and went to see a Chiropractor who is an ART (Active Release Therapy) specialist and highly regarded. Last time I saw him was three years ago and he did a great job. I saw him today and was very sore as I walked across the street to his office. I really didn't know if what I have is curable or not.

I explained everything I was experiencing. He then did a lot of poking and turning me on my back, side, front, side, back, stand up, sit down, poke, poke, poke. He determined that he thinks it was a couple of small muscles that run to the pelvis. He gave the exact names and stuff but I zoned out and just looked at the picture and in my mind said "explain no more, I'm not listening, I realize you've honed in on something, now lets get going, lets' get it fixed. Pitter patter lets get atter".

He went to work, pushing and releasing, pushing and releasing. I was encouraged when he said I was really tight. That's a good sign that at least he noticed something.

After about 10 - 15 minutes of pushing and releasing he finished and asked me how I feel. Surprisingly it was much better than when I came in. A very positive sign. I told him I was doing an Ironman in 24 days and asked him if I'd be okay by then? His reaction was guarded, he didn't know. He wasn't totally sure that ART would work. Perhaps it was more, a stress fracture, or that it was so bad it would not heal properly. After he was done and I started to feel better near immediately, I got my optimism back.

I told him that if it was just muscle and not a stress fracture I could run through the pain. I'd turn on the endorphin machine and mask the pain and go into a special place in my mind. If it's a stress fracture I'd be hooped. The last thing I want to do is get a full on fracture.

Food wise I'm doing okay except for some snacking. I don't know why? Once you get started on Doritos or potato chips it's hard to stop. Even when I know they are empty calories that do nothing for you but increase your blood sugar and make you get fat.

Today I've been a pretty good boy, I'm fighting the urge. I feel so bloated and soft that it's actually motivating me to stay straight. One of the best and most helpful tools is using to log my food. It's shows me the calorie total and if I log before I go for those chips to see how much I have left to eat, or look at the amount of calories would be added if I ate those chips it's very helpful to help me logically thing about it and not do it.

I'm back to the challenge I've had for most of my time at Picaboo Yearbooks. I'm starting to work way to many hours. It starting to seem like one day is blending into the other and I know if I don't stop it I'm going to lose perspective. The laptop needs to get back into the lock box again.

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  1. nice blog!
    but bad news on the injury....hope it gets better
    sounds like Marino who just raced Frankfurt on his injury-

    I gotta checkout that food log site I need SOMETHING