Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Officially Injured...

So I took 5 days of training off and went on vacation. For the prior 3 weeks I had been dealing with a sore front pelvis. It feels like a hernia but there is nothing bulging out.

I've had it slightly for a day or two in the past, very mild and it would go away. This time it is not going away it's getting worse. It's more of a discomfort running than an all out pain. So long as I run I'm in a real discomfort, when I stop and then restart it hurts and if I'm lying down and try to raise my right from a prone position I'm in pain.

I was doing some reading and two things came up. Hip problems and a groin strain. The hip makes some sense to me. Since working from home I've been walking and pacing the house like a madman. In the process I noticed that my hip was giving me problems. I could run and train no problem but just walking was killing me.

As I was reading about hips it dawned on me that if it is a hip problem it will through off my alignment and that could cause a front groin pull. Then I started to worry, what if it's a pelvic fracture?

I keep pushing down and no pain when I push. Very little pain when I walk. I have pain and discomfort when I swim and no pain on the bike. It's weird.

On my visit to the doctor yesterday I got him to give me a form to get my hip x-rayed. I think it might also require me to go for sports therapy. It's been about 2 years since I've had some sort of injury, which is not uncommon for weekend warriors who train lots of miles for Ironman.

Today's run was my first since holidays, about a week, and it was raining outside again. I did an hour and 40 minutes. I almost quit after the first 50 meters. I did stop. I asked myself if I should go back home or keep running. The back home sounded good, no training, makes for an easier day. But then I thought, "5 days rest didn't do it any good, what good will more rest do and you have an Ironman in 39 days and travelling a lot during those days and will be training less than normal, you can't afford not to run". So I ran.

I was going to take it easy and just do an hour, but why take it easy I did 1:41. I did cut it short by 4 minutes as I was scheduled to do 1:45.

When I got back home I was wet, during my run my shoes were so wet they felt like cement blocks and the water someone started all sorts of chaffing in the private areas (ouch) and my heart rate monitor strap chaffed my chest. I was a mess.

Food wise I wasn't able to eat until I got to the airport, I was in a semi-bonk and needed water right away when I got to the airport. Proud to say I'm back on my eating healthy kick, yesterday was my first day and I was successful. My airport lunch was a healthy salad and fruit and when I got to the hotel it was a nice steak dinner. I did have the potatoes and bread as I'm getting hassled by my tri buddies to eat more carbs.

I am in pain as I'm lying down writing this. I couldn't do a leg raise with my left leg without being in major pain. I've definitely got to get this checked out.

Training for Ironman is one thing, making it to the start line without injury is another.

Run 1:41 / 17.74 per km

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