Thursday, July 11, 2013

It hurts when I sleep...

This morning it was tough to get up and motivating myself to train, I was worried, all night I was tossing and turning, my pelvis was sore. It's the only injuring I've had that has hurt when I've been doing nothing buy lying still.

I pushed myself awake at 5:00 am and got ready in the dark, I'm sharing a room and I didn't want to wake John.

Today was a speed bike workout and I wasn't looking forward to it. I was going to have to do it on a lifecycle in a hotel. I've never done a speed work session that way.

Surprisingly it went better than expected. I did the intervals Simon Cross style and did my rpm's around 60. It was 2 x 12 minutes and 4 x 2 minutes. They are hard. At least I was able to multitask during it, I watched an hour long presentation from Ariana Huffington, something work related. When multitasking watching an hour presentation it's like adding an extra hour to the day. Today was a 25 hour day.

It's aways great to start your day with a workout under your belt. It sets a great tone and takes a weight off your mind by not having to think about still getting a workout in before bed.

The rest of the day was exec meetings, will be all day tomorrow and Friday as well. They are fairly intense and long. As each day goes by it's harder to find the time and energy to train. Tomorrow will be harder than today and Friday harder than Thursday.

I'm a little worried about my speed run tomorrow and how sore my pelvis will be. Time will tell.

Bike - 1:19 / 33 km

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  1. sooooo why don't you get your hip checked out instead of doing workouts? you could be making it worse which could lead to a DNS at IMMT