Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Full and Fast(er)...

I'm having weird dreams. Last nights dream was about me getting lost in a smaller airport after getting the run around at the car rental counter and missing a flight to Montreal. It wasn't the run around that caused it, it was I didn't look at my daily calendar. I missed my flight by about 7 hours.

Geez I never had these types of dreams when I was drinking beer. Crazy dreams. 

I had a lunch scheduled with someone who is connected to the Venture Capital market and it was in downtown Toronto. Which means with traffic for a 1 pm lunch I needed to leave at 11:30 am. If there was no traffic it would only be about a 40 minute drive. 

First thing I did when I woke up as have my coffee and then got on my bike for speed work. Rather than intervals I decided to go for it and pretty much do a one-hour time trial. Go as hard as I could for 1 hour. 

The first half of the ride was against the wind and up some hills. I went as hard as I could and it hurt. Sad part was my current top speed is what my slow speed used to be although my body wouldn't know it. I was hurting until about the 40 minute mark and then I was able to block out the pain. 

My nose was running and the snot was poring down my face. It reminded me of old times. I was like a bull. Of course I didn't wipe my nose until I got home. Heck I didn't even have a drop of water until I got home.
No, the snot did not get in my mouth. Just barely. Giving er!!! 

It was my best ride of the year. I averaged 29.6 kph. Still slow, I used to do 33 kph in the past and even as high as 36 kph in races over 90 km long. Even though it wasn't fast, it was faster and I gave it everything I had. I think the reason I'm not going faster is I don't want to go into the hurt locker. Today I let myself go into the hurt locker. 

My performance is so slow I keep wondering if I have something medically wrong with me. I guess I want to believe there is something medical wrong with me and not just that I've become weak and fat. 

I will say I felt great when I got home. It was a definite shot of happiness. I had enough time for a quick shower, a full body shave and then off to lunch. 

My lunch date was about an hour late. It worked out perfectly. We have a new build of the app and it gave me an hour to test it in downtown Toronto. The people in the restaurant were looking at me as I was testing it with one phone and video recording what I was doing with another. I was talking into my phone as a commentator if I saw a bug. My team says I'm not descriptive enough or they can't understand my cryptic notes. 

I did have a win in that I didn't have a beer. I thought I'd be tempted by my lunch partner. Before I got there my mind was made up. Nope. I'm done. He can drink alone I'll have diet coke. It was all for not, he ended up ordering diet coke right out of the gate.

When I got home I spend 4 hours with iMovie editing the footage and uploading to You Tube and then documenting in our tracking system. 

I'm so glad I got my training session done this morning. There is no greater feeling than knowing you don't have to get your training session done hanging over your head. My legs were also pumped all day and it felt good knowing I gave them a forward moving training session. 

When Alice came home they had a McDonald's chicken sandwich for me. I only had a couple bits. No desire to eat it. Instead it was about 6 little containers of yogurt and micro wave popcorn and some hamburger. Not a combination of food you typically eat together.

Alice then went on to tell me that her and Reid took his new used car into the garage. A light was on. This mechanic we take it to is awesome. Very knowledgable, honest and through. He looked at the car and said wow. The kid that owned it before put a ton of money into it.

It's a rebuild and everything in it is racing from the engine to the seats to you name it. The car doesn't even have air conditioning. The mechanic was amazed that Reid was able to learn to drive the car so quickly as even the clutch is a racing clutch and very difficult to shift with. It's very sensitive and you have to hit it perfect every time.

The first time Reid drove it home from where he bought it he couldn't get out of first gear without it stalling. It was bad. He's been practicing a lot and even drove on the busy QEW with bumper to bumper traffic and Alice said he was doing great.

At least one person in the house can drive manual great. I'm a clutch burner.

Full day, fast(er) ride...

Bike - 1:01:23 / 30.30 km

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  1. stick your tongue out next time and i'm sure you'll catch a mouthful