Saturday, January 4, 2014

Riding the getting back at it roller coaster...

I was right about today I woke up in a much better frame of mind from yesterday.

I’m still in poor sleeping habits and that’s going to change tonight. My regular routine is getting to bed by 11 pm or before midnight and get up by 7 am. Normally I don’t even need an alarm to wake up. Which means I’ve had a good sleep.

My training plans got derailed today when Alice told me a big storm was coming tonight and they expect it to close schools on Monday. Not good. I HAVE to be in Washington for a very important meeting Monday, and then West Virginia for Tuesday, they are ones I can’t miss.

Instead of training I had to book a new flight and pack and leave home by 2 pm. Not a lot of time when you get up at 10:30 am and as the morning went on I got more somber. I definitely needed to train today.

Still eating well. Total Ketosis diet. I did have one scare. I ate some leftover vegetables and eggs I made the other day. I forgot I put a red-hot chili pepper into it and while looking at my computer and not my food I put it in my mouth and starting chewing for only an instant. My mouth was now on fire.

I started gagging and my stomach started heaving. I thought I was going to throw up. The heat was so bad in my mouth I couldn’t get rid of it. I tried yogurt, water, milk, diet coke and nothing worked. By this point my nose was running. The only thing that fixed it was time. It took about 20 – 30 minutes until I didn’t feel the burning in my mouth.

I’ll say one thing, if you want to cut down on how much you eat make it spicy.

It was my special day today. I got a visit from my good buddy Shaw and he came with a gift, a Garmin 510 for my bike. It’s a speedometer and GPS, he has a few and offered to GIVE me one. I felt bad until he told me he got it for free too.

I’m one of those people that feel bad when someone gives me something for free or even when a supplier buys me lunch. I’ve always been that guy that picks up the check. When someone gives me something I feel guilty for taking it. So when I heard Shaw got it for free I felt better.

While packing today I changed it up. I normally travel with all my stuff in my Ironman backpack. This time I put it in a new carry on bag I bought and I put my computer in a satchel, otherwise known as a male purse, a murse.

Packing is always such a drag. I think it’s because I always have to figure out what to bring, rather than having a go to setup like triathlon. In triathlon you pack the same and exact gear for every race. I’ve now decided to do that for travel. I’m trying to find the exact same items and clothing to bring on every trip.

My bag is basically broken down like this.

1. Work shirts (Thank goodness I don’t wear anything other than Jeans and polo style Ironman shirts or I would need a bigger bag)
2. Indoor Training clothes & Runners.
3. Outdoor Running clothes and HR monitor / GPS
4. Swimming stuff
5. Muscle roller – “The Stick”
6. Supplements (Yes I’m now putting my whey, recoverite, beta Alanine and other stuff into little Tupperware containers and taking them with me. Opps…just realized I don’t have a glass. DOH)
7. Toiletries
8.  Laptop, 2 phones (U.S / Canada), iPad Mini and backup power source

I barely got it all to fit but managed barely. It took me about an hour to get it all done. Now When I get home I’m going to document it all and make a list and use the list as my bible when packing.

The only thing I’m taking off the list is the Stick. It’s a leg roller and I got stopped at the security checkpoint at the airport. They asked me to remove it from the very bottom of my bag, which was a chore. Then they had to decide if it could be used as a weapon. They had to go to management for a ruling. They gave me the thumbs up but recommended next time I don’t bring it carry on. Done.

Still feeling pretty melancholy with a splash of irritability and anxiety from the food detox and getting back to training. It got better once I got to the hotel and ate.

Diet wise I’m happy. I even woke up this morning down almost another 3 lbs. which takes me to 190.2 lbs. and within 2 lbs. of my pre-Christmas weight. Mind you I’ve lost some muscle so it’s not an exact science.

As much as I had some urges to eat carbs I resisted. Even on the plane I gave the pretzels back even though they were in my hand and looked so temping. When I got to the airport I bought some pistachios and trail mix.

The reason I bought trail mix is because it had sunflower seeds, peanuts and almonds and raisons and other carbs. I knew if I picked through the carbs I’d eat less than getting a full bag of peanuts. I would have to work for my food and not over eat was my theory. It worked. Other than while waiting for the shuttle bus I was throwing the raisins on the ground, stepped on one and it got stuck to the bottom of my shoe and no matter what I did with rubbing my foot on the ground it wouldn’t come off. Which reminds me I need to remove that.

I had a healthy cobb salad and some chicken wings and plan is to get to bed by 11 pm. Tomorrow I hope it will be a better day. I’m going to try and do some training as well as some sight seeing if possible. Maybe one of the Smithsonian’s. Sometimes just getting out and about in the fresh air puts you in a better mood. And there is no better oxygen that what is piped into a museum or art gallery.

No Training

190.2 lbs.

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  1. 4 things:
    1: Cancel your trip to Malaysia, our staple diet is red hot chillis
    2: It's not a Murse it's a purse
    3: Don't the hotels you stay in have glasses? Fourth world!
    4: Do you have any idea how bad for you and how much saturated fat chicken wings have in them - just the skin alone? Obviously not but hey, keep picking out the raisins from your trail mix, that'll help haha