Thursday, January 2, 2014

Getting back on the healthy lifestyle track..

I can't tell you how lousy I felt last night. Even before bed I had a headache and I never get headaches and it didn't go away until this morning.

At 3 am I woke up totally dehydrated with a headache. I knew I needed water. I could tell my body was starting to begin the process of detox. The first two days I know I'm going to feel crappy.

I looked in the mirror and noticed I definitely put on some weight. I figured it's about 5 lbs over the Christmas holidays. I was a good boy until we got to Quebec. Then all bets were off and I ate whatever I felt like including rich foods, fried foods and junk foods.

It's painful seeing my "gains" go away. At dinner I was complaining and my daughter Alyssa was thinking I was crazy, she say's "you're almost 50 years old. You're not supposed to be thin". I told her "hey 50 is the new 30".  She then tells me "thats what people your age believe and made up". I said, "I beat 30 years old in triathlon races, it's true".

I don't feel near 50 years old and in a way I'd love to accept it and lower the bar without guilt as it seems people are telling me I should do but I'm not yet mentality there and I've seen gains I've never had before, even not in my 20's. So I'm going to stick with my approach but I really do like the idea of not caring and lowering the bar without guilt.

But this time losing the 7 lbs feels different. I feel that I know what I need to do. The feelings I've had of being in great shape is intoxicating and I want to get back to that feeling. It's like a drug. Very cool situation I've never been in before.

Best part is I know what I have to do this time. I know what the most healthy lifestyle feels like from my time spent at my Ironman Arizona training camp. I figured all I need to do is duplicate it her at home. I was also thinking if I have to do that again, I could just rent a place in Burlington for a month. I think the change of venue and environment is a big contributor.

To start the day off right I started with my Greens Plus and coffee with coconut oil. There is something about having Greens Plus that takes away cravings for crap food.

Next I went shopping. I was supposed to go for just eggs and milk and ended up spending about $350 on healthy foods. Our fridge was bar anyways from us being away.

Next thing was deciding what diet I'm going to follow. I decided to go back to my Ketosis diet. I felt great on it and I was reading how Gary Pallet a guy I did triathlons with in Winnipeg used it to lose 188 lbs this year. He also listed a website called  . They don't call it a Ketosis diet they call it a Low Carb High Fat diet. You can click here to read about Gary's story.

Some of the testimonials and photos are incredible of the transformations. I find a LCHF diet easy to maintain. It limits your choices and keeps your insulin levels balanced without the sugar swings. Mentally I'm ready again to get on it.

One of the things I'm also doing is somewhat changing my environment and now that we have a 70" awesome TV in the basement I'm trying to spend more time down their, away from temptation and enjoying some good movies, which Alice and I did today.

I'm still staying away from my work emails. Which has been great. I really needed this break I'm learning.

I do find that what is very helpful to get everything kick started is to read a lot about diet on the net. It seems to keep me motivated. The other way is to log food. I use . They have a feature where you have to close out for the day. I find that really helpful. Once you do it your really telling yourself you are done. Other than water.

I'm also wanting to start to learn how to cook more and I mean really cook. I don't want to take cooking lessons, at least not now as that's a time commitment. But I'm thinking YouTube videos. Tonight I cooked French Cut Pork Chops and Sauteed Asparagus. I also tried to enjoy it and savour the flavour eating slower.

I was going to train but figured that will be tomorrow. Today was a big win. A great kick start.

Originally I wasn't going to weigh myself. I wasn't going to be able to bare it. But I did after lunch and shower. 196.4 lbs. Yikes. I figured. It's about 7 lbs higher than I was before Christmas. Mind you I'm probably retaining a lot of water. Tomorrow will be a more indicative day. At least I had the courage to do it, it was painful.

196.4 lbs.
No Training.

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